10 Apps to Help You Succeed in 2015

A new year brings new routines and and hopefully a new you!  But you can’t do it a lone.  You need not only people around you to support you in your ventures, but you need the right tools to get the job done.

Here is a list of my top 10 apps that I use everyday.  I hope they can help you achieve your goals.

1.  Evernote — I can’t remember everything.  I need something where I can easily capture ideas, photos, memories, recipes and even the type of coffee my wife likes.  Evernote allows me to do that and I can access it from any device or browser.

2.  Nozbe — Between my job as a pastor, my commitments to my family and my pursuit to live my best life I need something to keep all my ideas in check.  Nozbe helps me get things done.

3.  Sunrise — I depend on my accounts to talk with one another.  Sunrise is a calendar app for everything.  I connected my Sunrise calendar with my Google account, Evernote, Facebook and more.  It not only keeps my appointments but it reminds me of what needs to be done.

4.  YNAB — Knowing where your money goes is an important aspect of living your best life.  YNAB is a great app to plan out what you are going to spend, you can keep track of what you spend with an app on your phone.

5.  Podcasts — I have stopped listening to the radio, instead I listen to podcasts in the car.  I listen to a variety of podcasts and I learn so much by listening to them.  I have tried many podcast apps and keep going to back to the preinstalled app on my iPhone.

6.  MyFitnessPal — In an attempt to get in shape this year I need an app to track what I put into my body. This app helps you keep track of what you eat, set goals and lost weight by helping you count your calories.

7.  Focus@Will – Since I was young I need music in my life.  When I am working I can’t listen to my favorite playlists because I get engrossed in the songs.  Focus@Will is scientifically engineered sounds and music designed to increase our ability to focus.  It works!

8.  Kindle — Leaders are readers.  Most of my books are now digital living on my kindle or as an audio book in Audible.  Amazon has an endless library of titles and because I have the Kindle app on my phone, iPad, and Mac I can read anytime, anywhere.

9.  Accordance — I started using Accordance in seminary.  It is an advance version of the Bible.  I love it!  I have multiple translations of the Bible on it and because of cloud technology, I can sync all my notes from my computer to my iPad or iPhone.

10.  ProCamera 8 — A photo is worth a thousand words.  I am very particular about the pictures that I take, so I want the best camera app possible.  ProCamera puts control into your hands and upgrades the standard camera to new levels.

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