Internship has begun

So yesterday was my first day at my internship. Sunday will be my first “official” day, but yesterday I got my keys and went over the service and took another tour of the church. I got TONS of instructions on where things where, what things did what, and who was who. It was a lot of information but it was pretty straightforward.  I know it will be a lot of work but right now I am pretty excited about the upcoming year.

Today I did a lot of work on the apartment. I don’t know how we have gotten so much stuff. It is stuff that we don’t really need but I hate to throw or give away because I am afraid that one day I will be looking for it. I realized that I also have a lot of papers. They are things that I have collected over the years and they need to be put in digital format. Then I can burn them to CD’s and then recycle the papers.

As I begin this formation in my journey please pray for my family and me.