Two Stories

Great things to think about. I do not have any authorship. If you know who they belong too let me know.

Self- Affirmations

I belive I am

A unique and precious human being.
My own best friend and my own worst enemy.
A loveable and Loving person.
Capable of realizing my potential.
Responsible for my own behavior.
Learning from my mistakes.
Creating a joyful life.
An important part of the universe.

God’s Rainbow

The falling rain dissolves into mist
And the thunder begins to die
As the sporadic lightning fades
An arch of colors pours from the sky

Rainbows appear after mighty storms
When things look their worst
Just when the skies are darkest grey
Out of heaven does the rainbow burst

God first sent the rainbow to Noah
As a sign that His word is true
The rainbow’s eternal message
Still speaks to me and you

The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise
That he will guide us through any storm
No matter what their form

When you feel battered by life’s storms
And you are filled with doubt and dismay
Just remember God’s rainbow is coming
For its blessing you have only to pray


I feel as though the rain is appropriate for me right now. I am pretty excited about it actually. First it means that there is no snow yet. As much as I enjoy the cooler weather, I hate to see fall go. I enjoy weather that is not too hot or too cold. But after the fall that we have had as a family I feel that the rain is washing everything away and that things are really going to turn around.

I am going to try and stay positive right now. I will not go into depth about the fact that my back is still really hurting and the stupid seminary insurance will not cover the physical therapy that I need. Or the fact that I need another $400.00 to fix all the problems (well at least two major problems) in our van. I won’t go into all of that…..

I will say that I had a WONDERFUL conversation with a bishop that was visiting the seminary’s campus. I am SO glad that it happened and I am feeling more comfort then ever before about this whole first call process. I have had a lot of people ask me what the first call process is all about and I will write something up and post it on here for those who do not completely understand it but for now it is just a long drawn out process. There are lots of interviews, and paper work that will be submitted to people who really don’t know you who will decide your life for the next 3-5 years (at least).

Anyway, my wife and I have been going back and forth about this process because we would like to move back closer to friends and family but we have little power in that decision and the place we would like to go too is in high demand. So that makes us worried. But the bishop of this synod was on campus and we had a great conversation. I felt positive going out of it and I know now that she at least knows alittle about me and my strengths. She knows the passion I have for her synod and she knows that we have family there and that I am willing to serve in any situation. I think one of the positive aspects about the last 7 years or so of my life is that I have been in rural, suburban and urban settings and I feel prepared to serve in any setting. I admit I have more of a passion for urban ministry but if I want to get into that down the road when I have more “power” as to choose where I want to go then I can get into that, but for now we want to be closer to family.

I told her that I just did not want to be a name on a piece of paper. I wanted her to know me just a little bit before she had to make choices and she appreciated that.

So once I finish my paper work I will feel that I have done all I can do to “direct” my future. I will feel totally comfortable putting everything into God’s Hands. I will be okay with whatever decision comes from it because I will know that I have done what I can and there was nothing more that I could do to help things along. I will know that where we end up is where God wants us to go. It is weird being in this spot because I have been dreading this process for so long.

So that was this past week — looking ahead I have one more class until thanksgiving break. I am excited for break even though I have alot to do. I do not want to get caught in a few weeks with too much work where I will be overwhelmed. Most of my classes this semester have had very little work to turn in on a regular basis. Most of the work that I will be graded on is a final paper at the end of the semester. I have been doing well about keeping up with the readings but for me — I need alittle extra time to process information and formulate my thoughts into coherent papers. So I will be trying to get a jump-start on these papers so I can really hand in quality work. It would be terrible to hand in something, which is 90% of my grade that is crap.

Last but not least I will leave you will a cartoon that I drew for the seminary’s student newsletter. I really like the concept and I will try and keep it up for the remainder of the year. I call it “Ian the Inturn” — it is the funny adventures of Ian as he makes his way through the year at Hope Lutheran Church. If you have any funny adventures that Ian can get into please let me know.

10 Random Things about me

I was tagged by Eric over at The Heart of the Pastor to share 10 random things about myself. Without further adieu here it goes:

1) I have the ability to play seven different instruments: Tuba, guitar, piano, harmonica, trombone, trumpet, and euphonium. I currently maintain proficiency on my guitar.

2) I once drove from my college In Iowa (Luther College) to my parents house in Vermont only stopping for gas, food and three 30 min “naps.” I think it took me between 24-26 hours

3) I am currently typing this from a Mac powerbook G4 and I love it. I will never buy another PC again. Once you go Mac you never go back.

4) I am Caffeine Sensitive – I usually tell people that I am “allergic” to caffeine because it makes more sense. Basically if I have any sort of caffeine my digestive system goes out of whack, my stomach makes noises and I feel sick. (yes even chocolate)

5) I have never been a good student but in seminary I currently maintain a B to B+ average and that’s the best in my entire academic career.

6) I started working when I was 10 years old as a paperboy for the Rutland Herald. I have maintained at least part time employment since then even through college and seminary.

7) One good friend convinced me that every man needs a drink they can have in a martini glass. My favorite is a Sidecar.

8 ) I am an Eagle Scout and I went to the National Scouting Jamboree at Fort AP Hill VA in 1993.

9) I love football – instead of playing football in college I chose music. My senior year of high school my football coach told me I had the skill to be the best defensive lineman in the state of Vermont. My problem was that I was not “dedicated” (Instead I spent my summers at a Church Camp and I was in the band and other activities)

10) I love everything that has to do with The Simpsons and I have to admit my son loves them too. Daily we catch an episode before dinner.

Now I have to tag some people. I would like to tag Nathan at PhilosYphia and revhrod.