You make as much sense as Sobrino

The above quote is a line we have been using in our Readings in Christology class this semester.  While I think Jon Sobrino is brilliant in his work in Christology, his book Jesus in Latin America is dense and hard to get through.  I do look forward to the discussions to help wade through the book together.

We are almost at the end of the birthday run.  My daughter’s (baby girl)  birthday is Valentines day and my son’s (the boy) is on the 26th.  I don’t remember if I mentioned that or not. Plus my parents are at the beginning of February.  We have a party planned for this Saturday for the boy and his friends from day care at Peace A Pizza.  It is a cute little place where the kids make their own pizza and they decorate a cookie for the party.  The boy keeps saying he is going to Pizza Hut, but I am sure he won’t care as long as there is pizza involved.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy. I preached last night at St. Paul’s for the Wednesday night Lenten service.  Next Tuesday I preach at Chapel on campus and the following Sunday I preach again at St. Paul’s.   Not to mention the various reading assignments and presentations that need to go into that mix.  I am somewhat thankful for the busy schedule because it takes my mind off the looming synodical assignment  for Region Seven on Palm Sunday.  I hear the interview process with the bishops is great but it makes for a long and intense day.  But I will know by 5:00 that evening which synod I will  be going too so come and check it out.

I wish I had some deep theological or inspirational message to share but right now I am trying to keep my head above the water.  I will try and post one of my sermons from this stint when I get a chance.

I am going to Region Seven

Region Seven!

That’s right, the lucky people of region seven will soon be embarking on a journey with me in my ministerial vocation.

Last night the seniors at The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia worshiped with the community and then went to the Presidents house for conversation, anticipation and opening of our regional assignments.   It was a very tense time but I think that everyone at LTSP was able to receive their first or second choice in region.

Region Seven is the North East United States. Now we have to wait until Palm Sunday when we will gather at the seminary in Philadelphia and we will interview with the bishops in the region and then be assigned to a synod after that.

I must say as I get closer to graduation, as I get further along in assignment the more nervous I get.  This means the more I need to rely on the Holy Spirit throughout this process.  I know what I want and I know it is not up to me but it is up to where God sees it best for me.  I know that in my head and I need to also feel it in my heart.

I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by RevHrod.

The rules for the meme are:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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So here are the six non important things/habits/quirks:

1.  I have a routein in the morning that I can’t break, no matter what I take an hour to get up and to get out of the house.

2.  I hate to throw away things, especially paper. I think I still have every report I wrote from grade school.  I keep even the most insignificant item.   In the back of my mind I think I am going to need that piece of paper one day.

3.  I love techonology, I love game consoles, I love my treo and I hope that one day I get an iphone.  The ultimate in techonology….. and one day I want to be completely wireless in my house with music, video and internet.

4.   I love football.  I think it is the ultimate team sport.  I seceretly still want to be a defensive lineman for the New England Patriots.

5. I love jazz/blues music.  I have all the information to excel in playing jazz guitar.  I just need to take the time to learn it.

6.  I recently have the interest in creating creative cakes.  I would love to learn how to bake a cake that looks like a cheeseburger, pizza, taco, television, computer ect.

Now I have to tag some people.  I would like to tag Here I stand and The Heart of a Pastor

First Call Update

On Wednesday we will have the regional assignments for our first call.  A Bishop representative from each of the nine regions, and a seminary are currently in Chicago talking about 200 and something candidates going into the first call process.  They read about each candidate and pray for them and then decide which area they are going to send the candidates.

This Wednesday a phone call will come into the seminary from Chicago from our Seminary Representative.  The community will have a worship service and then all the seniors will gather at the presidents house to find our regional assignment.

As someone awaiting their decision it is really nerve-racking.  My wife and I hope that we are assigned to Region seven.  On the one hand it would be flattering that another region would really want me to come to their synod, however I know what would be best for us and our family.

For Region Seven the bishops from each synod (Upstate New York, Metro-New York, New Jersey, Northeast Penn, Southeast Penn, and New England) personally interview each individual assigned to the region and then assign the go behind closed doors and fight for us to come to their synod.  (Well I hope they would at least want me)  I have let most people know that we would like to come to the New England Synod.  That’s where our family is and most of our friends, so we would like to be close.  We would like that support which we dearly miss.   We especially miss it now because we are separated from our second home (the seminary)  this year living in Souderton.  But we have and continue to manage.

So that is what is going on with us recently, that’s only part of what our lives have been recently.  It never ends….but we are in a very exciting time in our life, there are many possibilities that lay ahead of us and we are going to need lots of prayers and support the next few months as our future is played out in the hands of people who only know me by a piece of paper.