Pounds for People

You can count me as one of those people who has tried many diets over the years. I have to admit that I have not had much success. I have lost a few pounds here and there but they never seem to stay off and I have not lost as much as I would like or need.

After much prayer and discernment I have decided to try a new “strategy.” I have decided that I am not only going to lose weight for me, but I am going to lose weight for other people! That’s right– I am going to lose weight for thousands of people, young and old who have Autism or Autism related disorders.  I hope that you will consider to sponsor me  (that is you who is reading this) during my weight loss journey.  I would like all the money to go to Autism Speaks.

There are many ways that you can do this.  The first way is that you can sponsor me for every pound that I will lose.  Another way is just to give a flat rate and sponsor me that way.  Either way the money is going to a good cause and I feel supported and challenged.

I have spent most of my life sacrificing myself for others.  I always put the needs of others before myself. This is most likely one of the reasons that I have ended up where I am with my weight.  I realized that’s who I am and that is not going to change, no matter how hard I try.  So why not build upon my strengths and challenge myself to do this —  not only for me but for the thousands of kids that will benefit from your donation.

Why Autism Speaks?

Well I realized that I have never connected myself with a charity.  All the money we have given has gone to the church or to Calumet.  So I researched different charity’s.  I found four or five charities that I really liked including this one.  I chose this one because it is connected to us in more ways than one.  See, the last year or so we have been working with our son “the boy” with different disabilities.  We are not sure if he has any or how deep they go.  There is a chance that he will be diagnosed with something on the Autism Spectrum.  Weather he is or not this money will go and help people like us with research to help uncover the to uncover the cause(s), prevention, treatments and cure for autism.  It is a long road and anything that can help will benefit  thousands of people.

Another reason that I chose this organization is that there is a walk in September that I would like to participate in.  I think September a good point to regather and see how this is working for me.

The walk is in Rochester, NY on Saturday September 27, 2008.  If you would like more information about it you can visit the Walk Page.

My hope is to lose at least 50 pounds by then which figures to be about 2 pounds a week from now until then.  I think that is a reachable goal.

If you would like to sponsor me please click on this link and sponsor me.  If you would like to sponsor me in another way either leave a comment here or send me an email.

I started a new blog called Pounds for People where I will update on my progress, how I am doing this and all the other ins and outs of my thoughts, feelings and progress about this.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hear from you.

Friday Five: Moving Time

With thoughts of Youth and Stewardship, Pre-marital counseling and the Catechisms, and the book American Jesus swirling around in my head.  Added with the fact that I think I am getting sick and it looks like my first call interview might be in the next week or so…..I decided to answer questions to the Friday Five that I found on Lutheran Zephyr’s blog.

1. How many times have you moved? When was the last time?

During College I moved back and forth between college, Calumet and Home.  So not counting every time I did that I have about 10 moves under my belt.  I hope that the next move will be my last for a long time.

2. What do you love and hate about moving?

I love the feeling of complete organization when things are packed up. I actually know where everything is and I am amazed by what I find when I do pack things up.

I hate the actual moving part. I do not like carrying the boxes, straining my back and how fast hours turn into days, which turn into weeks.

3. Do you do it yourself or hire movers?

I have never hired movers but I heard they rock and I hope that might be an option this next move.  But there are lots of the bigger stuff we are going to throw away.  Including the couch, desk and dining room table that we paid a total of $100.00 about four years ago. I think we got our money’s worth

4. Advice for surviving and thriving during a move?

Start early because you always run out of time and you will find yourself throwing stuff in boxes when you could of thrown it away.

5. Are you in the middle of any inner moves, if not outer ones?

I am moving all over the place.  We will be moving to my first call site in a few months (I hope) and I feel like I am always learning and growing as a person and individual internally.  So yea we are pretty busy moving wise.

Bonus: Share a piece of music/poetry/film/book that expresses something about what moving means to you.

Ever since I read what Lutheran Zephyr wrote “on the road again” I can’t get that out of my head.  I think that is appropriate but if I think of something more meaningful I will put it here.

Trip to Upstate NY

This past weekend we took a trip to the area where our possible first call is going to be.  It was pretty exciting.  It made this process more real to me.  To be able to see the church in which I will be serving, to view the town and see the culture was really cool.

Before we made it to the town we met a friend of mine from college and her two kids for lunch.  Her two kids are the same ages as mine, and our four year old boys really got along.  It was nice to catch up with her and have her meet my wifey. My friend and her family live about an hour from where we might be so that was exciting.  At least we will have someone we know who lives close by who is not part of the church.

After lunch we made it to our little town.  It is actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. But it was nice.  We drove around and looked at things and took some notes about the area.  We really enjoyed it.  We were even able to talk with a daycare director about possible employment for my wifey as well as openings for the kids.

There were many things that we did not see.  It is hard to fit everything in with just one visit.  The next time we will be up in the area will be for an interview.

As of right now my name will go to the church within the next week and then things should move pretty quickly after that.

It is hard for the waiting but on the more praticle side we need to start giving notice to people as to when we are leaving. Our landlord wants 60 days, my wife’s work wants 30 days notice.  It is hard to give them that notice if we do not know when we are going to be leaving.  But that will all come into place soon.

That’s the update as to where we are at.  It is an exciting time that’s for sure.  But in order to make sure all this happens I need to pass my classes so I am off to study.

What is a Vicar?

For the last two years of my life I have been called “Vicar” — No I did not change my name, but I have been put in a position in ministry where I had a title. The church where I am currently serving has had a “Vicar” the last three years.  Not in the capacity of internship but as a senior seminarian that works with the youth of the church. Most people do not have any idea what this means, in fact there were a number of people (youth and adults) who thought it was my first name!  So here are some reflections as to what the title Vicar means in the past and today.

The word vicar comes from the Latin “vicarious” meaning substitute, or one who has authority to act in the place of another.

The Church of England used the term for a clergy-person who serves a parish as its minister. A vicar in the Roman Catholic faith refers to a bishop who is sent to a diocese without a bishop.

In the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America),  the church in which I serve a “vicar” normally refers to a seminarian who has completed the first two years of academics, clinical pastoral education and a year of field education, who is assigned to a congregation as an intern for one year. This typically involves the student working with a senior pastor and a committee of the church to support the development of the seminarian.

Typically at the end of the year of vicarage, the candidate returns to seminary and completes a final year of studies. After being issued a call or assignment, the candidate is ordained as a pastor in the ministry of Word and Sacrament.

Now I am not an intern but the pastor of the church I am working at wanted me to have a title.  I guess Vicar is the most appropriate title for that.  However, I think there needs to be education on what Vicar means and why we use that title.

I am getting use to having a title before my name.  Soon enough I will be “Pastor” – I have not thought about that much until recently and I think that is a very cool thing.  I will see what the culture of the church is before I decide if my first or last name will follow Pastor.  I am sure that everyone will have their own comfort level and I am open to that. I think that what is comfortable for someone I will be okay with that.  As long as they don’t call me late for dinner!  (sorry I could not resist)

For those who are seminarians or pastors or even those in other professions – what is the “proper” way that one should be addressed in the work place? What is the most professional way we should be called, or does it really matter?