Friday Five

Even though I have not made the time to blog all that is going on the Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals keeps me going from week to week- here’s this week’s edition:

It’s time for a Back-To-School Friday Five!
1. Is anyone going back to school, as a student or teacher, at your house? How’s it going so far?
Well the boy is going to school for the first time.  We enrolled him in a preschool program.  He is really enjoying it so far.  Next week however he is taking the bus (about a 1/2 an hour drive).  We are praying for him.  
This year is the first year that I will not be starting or continuing in a degree program.   I will not start another program for at least 3 years, but there is always continuing education!

2. Were you glad or sad when back-to-school time came as a kid?
I was always excited for the new school year.  I enjoyed getting new clothes and books and pens and pencils.  I think that lasted about a week in the school year and then I could not wait for the next break in the school year.  

3. Did your family of origin have any rituals to mark this time of year? How about now?
We always took that first day of school picture — but that’s about it.  We are starting the same with “the boy.”  Next year when he starts Kindergarten we might do more but who knows what will be going on then.  

4. Favorite memories of back-to-school outfits, lunchboxes, etc? 
Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes were the in thing when I was younger.  I remember those were the shoes that EVERYONE was getting and I wanted a pair of my own.  I eventually got a pair and always thought I was the coolest kid every time I pumped them up.
5. What was your best year of school?
I have two great years — the first is my senior year in high school.  I finally broke through the shy phase of my life (thanks in a big part to my time at Calumet).  I was doing the things I wanted to do – I had a great group of friends and I knew where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life (or so I thought).  

The next is my senior year of seminary.  Even though I was somewhat disconnected from the seminary campus (because we lived about 45 min from campus).  I was (an still am) confident in my call to ministry – I was doing well academically (better than any year before) and I was really enjoying myself in school.  Don’t get me wrong I wanted to get out of school, I wanted to be out in the world doing ministry– but it was not until my last semester did I even entertain doing a Doctorate in Ministry (and I have an idea of what I might do).