Christmas on the Floor

Well I made it through my first Christmas as a Pastor.  ALMOST everything went well.

Christmas Eve day I was feeling good. I only had a few more visits to do, the Christmas Eve Bulletin was done and printed, we we finishing up the newsletter and the bulletin for December 28th was printed!  I felt good about that and excited for service.  I was even more excited to take some time off to visit family.

Then it happened…….

I reached down to pick up a newsletter for the copier and on my way back up I felt a pinch in my back……that was not good.

Just to give you a little history I have had on again and off again back trouble.  Back in May I had a terrible accident that you can read about here.  I know that I should take care of it on an ongoing basis, however when it feels good it is not really on my mind.

Needless to say I was worried, I did not know how I could make it through Christmas and I was worried about traveling with a bad back.

I was able (barely) to make it through the first service.  We had a lot of people at service and half way through communion I had to sit down because I was in so much pain.  Doing that gave me a new perspective on communion and I might reflect on that later down the road.

I actually called one of the deacons 45 min before the second service was going to start and told him that I could not come in.  I was in so much pain that I could not even stand up.  He lead the service without a problem.

The next day I laid down as we did Christmas presents and things progressively got worse throughout the day.  I ended up going to the ER and waited for 5 hours just to get told that it was a muscle thing — but they did give me some good pain killers.  🙂

We decided to go ahead with our vacation plans……I know sitting at home would not be the best for me (Because I need to be up and moving) and I wanted to see family and friends during this time off.

So here we are in Vermont, hanging out with my family.

More updates as the week progresses…..

My Mac Story

Everyone has certain things that they love or enjoy. I am a Mac lover — I love the Mac Computers and I hope that one day I can incorporate many of the wonderful Apple products into my home. Here is why I love the Mac….

I remember as a kid having an Apple IIe computer. I was not real impressed at that time. The biggest reason is that I had a friend who had a 3D chess game that was animated and that was SO COOL!!!!! I must say I was jealous. But like most things I got over it……Eventually as I got older we got different computers in the house- we moved into the PC world. I think because they were convinent and they were cheaper.

I never had too many complaints about the PC – I hated (and still hate) the anti virus software that seems to cripple the computer most time. However, I like the convinence of getting a PC, I like the games and the price. With that I knew that every 3 or 4 years I would have to replace my computer.

When I went to work as a full time youth director in 2002, the church I worked at had all Mac. Again, I was not impressed with the Mac. At that point they were running OS9 — it was not hard to figure out but it was not something that I had been using for most of my life. I had to figure out what I was doing and it was not very much fun.

Plus, if I emailed myself something that I was working on at home then I could not read it from my desktop computer. The one thing that kept drawing me back to the Mac was the church musician. He was a Mac lover and he kept talking about how great they were – he said that OSX was so much better than the OS9 — but I had no idea what he was talking about.

Eventually we talked more and he was telling me about how easy it was to record music onto a Mac using a program called garageband. I was interested because I was looking for something to record my guitar on.

When I left for seminary in 2004 I knew I needed to upgrade my computer – and I knew that I wanted a laptop so I gave in and I got a Powerbook G4 from Apple.

I must say that I did fall in love with the Mac computer. Within hours I was recording songs- making DVD’s and surfing the web using the wireless network. That computer lasted me four years of seminary which included destruction from me and my son. I still would be using it if I did not accidently put dents in it the power source and actual keys ripped off by my son.

I am sad to say that currently we are Macless — my wife and I are using laptop PC’s and our son has a PC desktop in his room. This makes me sad but that’s the way of life right now. The bright side is that I did find a used iPhone for a GREAT price on Ebay. So it keeps me in the Mac world.

I am looking forward to getting a Mac Mini as our desktop computer and then getting a macbook as my all around computer. I can’t wait to get Apple TV to stream itunes movies and music right to our TV. I know that one day we will have techonology centered house powered by Mac. Perhaps I am dreaming but that would be just awesome.

Until then I can enjoy my iphone and enjoy videos like the ones below from the Simpsons.