God and Water


‘“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”

So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him.’ – Luke 5:10-11

There are two areas, or situations, where I feel closer to God than normal. One is during thunder storms. The ferocity of the wind and the over powering sound of the thunder mixed with the pounding of the rain on my windows is better than any music I listen to. To me, God’s beauty, and His strength, is amplified during storms.

The second place I feel closer to God than usual is near the water. Rain, seas, streams, and lakes all hold an incredible sense of God’s majesty for me. In this picture, the waves rolling in, bringing the smoothly tumbled stones to the shoreline, remind me of God’s tender love for his people. He pulls us out into his ocean, or lake, of love and peace and washes away our sins until our souls are smooth. Then He deposits us back to our lives to help smooth the way to His love for others.

When I got home from the lake and started searching for a verse for this picture, Luke 5:10-11 seemed to fit perfectly with the thoughts I was having while taking the picture. Jesus’ disciples abandoned everything they had to follow Jesus, not knowing what was going to come of it and they put all their trust in Him and did not question it.

That is what God wants all of us to do now. He wants us to put all our trust in Him, without knowing what the future holds, and abandon our current lives for the smooth ones that He can create for us through the waters of His love. The Lord is our own personal body of water and we are the little stones along the shoreline. God wants us to come to be washed smooth and clean and then return to the shore. The stones on the shore are beautiful and make people look at them, wondering how they became so smooth. We need to live our lives in beautiful ways that make people stop and look, and wonder how we became so happy.

And what will we tell them? God. God made me this way.

Tuesday Thoughts: Fast Approaching Fall

Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • I am getting SO excited for the fall and the ministry opportunities at the church.  People are really stepping up and doing some great planning for the upcoming church year.
  • The kids are attending another church’s VBS this week.  They seem to be enjoying it and learning some great stuff. I love to watch my kids grow in their faith.
  • For me the anticipation of Fall is too real.  I have this feeling that fall is closer than we think, even if it is between 80-90 degrees most days.  Perhaps that is also wishful thinking.
  • I have the best dog in the world.
  • I have a new contributor to the blog.  I am very excited about this, I think she will start posting this upcoming Sunday!

Life Connections

  • About a week and a half and I will be on vacation! I don’t think I have been on a real vacation since August of last year (I did have a stay-cation back in May).
  • I think I am excited about the fall because I want my routine back!
  • I am very excited to go camping with some friends this weekend.  I will be good to get out and have some fun.
  • I haven’t been sleeping well recently — I think part of it is trying to get everything done before I leave for Vacation — So much to do, so little time.
  • We have survived not having cable this summer.  There are some things that I miss but overall I am happy with our decision.  I am not sure what kind of deal we can work out with Direct TV but I hope we can cut the cable cord forever!
What is happening in your life the past couple of weeks?  Are you looking forward to the fast approaching fall?

When the Waves Come Crashing Down

Read:  Matthew 14:22-33

In have a lot of memories from playing football in high school.  I was a pretty good lineman (both defense and offense) and I loved playing the game.  One of my memories was a drill where guys would line up in two rows about five yards apart.  Each player would have these padded football shields.  We would take turns running through the gauntlet to the end where our coach was holding on to a 48″ football dummy bag.  Our goal was the run through t gauntlet until we got to the coach and then we would hit him as hard as we could driving him back five to ten yards.  The trick was as we were running through the gauntlet our teammates would be hitting us with these dummy shields as hard as they could, trying to knock us down.  So we would run entering the gauntlet and make it twenty-five yards to freedom.  After a few times doing this drill I found if I absorbed the hits and focused on my coach, I could make it to the other side with very few problems.

I suspect that’s how Peter felt as he started his journey walking on the water towards Jesus.  He kept his eyes focused on Jesus, taking one step at a time and he let all other distracts fall by the wayside.  This worked for awhile but soon the hits became too much and he started to fall, he took his eyes off of Jesus and started to sink into the abyss.

I don’t know how long Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, my guess is a second or two.  But during those few seconds Peter lost his focus and he started to fall into the water!!! Now, I am sure he was terrified, I am sure his life started to flash before his eyes,  I am sure he thought he was going to die but suddenly Jesus came into the picture and Jesus pulled Peter out of the water. Thanks be to God!

We can totally relate to Peter!  Because we too have our battles to face, they might not be football players trying to knock us down or enormous waves come crashing around us.

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Crazy Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • Worship at St. Mark’s has been wonderful the last couple of weeks.  Worship has been full (especially for the summer) and there has been a good sense of community.  I have been getting closer and closer to where I want to be with Bibical storytelling.
  • St. Mark’s had a fantastic week at Vacation Bible School.  Over 40 kids showed up for our Big Jungle Adventure.  As a pastor I got so much watching them learn more about who God is through music, story-telling, crafts and games.  We already have ideas for next year!
  • This morning one of our kittens came up to me and was very snugly.  She was purring away and I felt God’s presence in her.

Life Connections

  • I have been running again.  My goal was to “run” 100 miles this summer.  I have to be honest, between being overwhelmed by life, injured and my typical unmotivated self I have only run about 10 miles so far.  I am not giving up and I started up again yesterday.  I hope to get as close as I can to 100 by September 4th and if I don’t get to 100 by then I will keep on going until I reach that number.
  • August is going to be crazy busy!!  Between preparing for the fall, wedding stuff (for a friend), camping with friends and vacation  I hope we will make it on the other side alive!
  • One of my blog posts got picked up by Living Lutheran.com.  Check it out!


What God Moments and Life Connections have you experienced this week?