Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

Have you ever had a lull in your life?  You know a time where you just feel like it takes every bit of energy just to make it through the day?  I have had a few of those days lately.  But more than anything else I have had a creative lull.  I would consider myself an artist of some kind.  Over the years I have written music, I have spent time drawing, painting, and using other forms of creative expression.  The last several years my main form of creative expression has been spent blogging and writing sermons.

However, lately I have had a hard time with any form of creativeness.  I have not been blogging, I have had a hard time starting my sermons each week.

What do you do when this happens?

I started thinking over the summer that I was just too busy, between lots going on at the church, and at home I thought was looking forward to getting back in a rhythm this fall.  But it seems like the craziness has not stopped — it just looks different.

This summer was filled with Camps, Mission Trips, Youth Gatherings, Vacation Bible School, Family Vacation as well as the day-to-day life “Stuff.”  This fall has been constant with change, getting back to school, after school activities.  My emotions have been running high and low.  Oh and we moved again this past June.


Then I begin to read things — looking for inspiration.  I start to find it.

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