2012 Year in Review

As most people in the blgosphere, I will be reviewing my life over the past year. As some of you remember I did have some goals this year — I broke them down into three words:

1.  Simplify –  For a long time this word was actually focus.  Basically I have “too much” in my life.  Too much paper, too many responsibilities, too many committees, too much clutter in my head, and in my heart.  I feel the daily pressure upon my life to get everything done.  Some of this is self-inflicted and other of it comes from external sources. So one goal is to simplify every aspect of my life.

2.  Share — There are many ways I want to execute on this word.  First I want to control what I share and how I share it.  I am very involved in social media, and I feel like I don’t have any control over it.  I am a very early adapter in new social media sites — but I don’t have a plan when it comes to social media.  I want to define FOR ME how to use social media most effectively and consistently.  I want to use what is out there in managing my social media and help others do the same.

3.  Balance –  I probably can make this a word almost every year!  Somewhat connected with simplify, I need to find balance in my life.  Balance between scripture I read for work vs scripture I read for devotion.  Balance between work, fun and family.  Balance in my health, my finances, my time spent in the world of the internet and the world of life.  Throughout the year I am going to challenge myself to take a look at my life in a deep and critical way and make some choices.

Here are the top five events in my life for 2012:

1.  We moved!!!  We moved from the outskirts of Baldwinsville right into the heart of the village.  In the process of moving we got rid of a lot of “stuff.”  Before the actual move we talked with a garbage company and got a u Haul and filled it completely with junk.  We also sold a number of items before we moved.  Then after we moved we had a garage sale.  In the process of packing and selling and organizing, that we have kept every item of clothing from the birth of our first child eight years ago as well as our daughter 5 years ago.  So we had a garage sale and then gave the rest away.  It feels good to be free from that stuff, but there is a part of me that misses it.

2.  First online Bible Study — In the spring time of 2012 I gathered a few friends together and we completed an online Bible Study of the Book of Acts.  It was a great success and I hope to do another one soon.

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