What You Do Matters


How do we make positive changes in our lives?  I have asked myself this question over and over again recently.  Like most people there are a number of things I would like to change in my life.  I want to read more, spend more time with my family, get more work done, lose weight, have a great looking yard, paint a few rooms in my house….the list could go on and on.  However, how things are currently set up in my life I do benefit quite a bit.  In order to make changes I need to figure out what the benefits are decide which ones I am going to give up on to let change happen.

So what is the process?

Below there are five things we all can do to start the process of change.

  1. Is my life headed in the right direction? Are you happy with the direction your life is headed?  Do you have any idea the direction your life is headed?  I think we all need a direction in our lives — even if it is a short route we need to know where we are going.  Once we have an idea then we can decided if it is the right direction.
  2. How am I benefiting from the way things currently are? If we did not benefit from the way our life is set up then we would change.  However, we do benefit in some way from how our life is structured and we have to name and claim that.  Then we can move to number three. Be honest.
  3. Am I willing to make changes? Another way to phrase this is what am I willing to give up?  To make changes you have to give something up.  Are you ready to do that?  You can’t move on until you are.  Then once you are ready don’t try to change too much at one time.  Change the way you handle your finances, health, relationships, or the church.  Whatever you decide you have to commit.
  4. How am I going to make the changes? You need to have a plan.  It has to be simple or you are not going to stick with it.  Perhaps you need to get up earlier to go walking.  Perhaps you need to take some time for yourself each day.  Perhaps you need to pack your lunch everyday to save some money.  Make a plan and stick with it.  W
  5. Find a support network. Find some people (who don’t live with you) to keep you accountable to your changes.  Divulge everything with them, be honest with them and hear what they have to say.  Don’t blame them if you fail because this falls on you, but empower them to help you make the changes that you need.

It takes times to work through each of these steps.  Change can happen but you need to want it to happen and make the choices and sometimes sacrifice that is needed to do it.