5 Ways to Enjoy the Super Bowl as a Family

Millions of people gather together the first weekend in February to watch the Super Bowl.  Many die hard NFL fans turn the game on (even if their favorite team is not playing) to see who will be crowned the best in the world.

However, not everyone is excited about the game itself.  Thousands of Super Bowl Parties will be held, some to watch the game, some to see the commercials and some just want an excuse to get together and have some fun.

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Follow Me

How would your priorities change if you knew absolutely that this was the last week of your life? I believe that Possessions would lose their power over us, while our relationships would become much dearer. Have you given much thought to what is of greatest value to you? Paul calls us to put Christ in the center of our lives, and to remove whatever else may hold priority, whether it is your bank account, car, family, career, or house.

Now can you imagine for a moment, not only putting Christ at the center of everything you do — but to leave all your stuff behind, leave your family, friends, jobs, cars, home behind to follow Jesus? 

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E is for Evangelical

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States, with about 4 million members in nearly 10,000 congregations across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. (via elca.org)

I sometimes question what the word “evangelical” means in the ELCA.  Quite often when the word evangelical is used many picture a crazy man on a street corner screaming Bible verses at people.  Another image that is used is a number of older members of a congregation that call themselves an evangelism committee.  These committee’s typically sit around complaining about why there is not enough people in church instead of ideas of how to spread God’s word to the world.

So what does it mean to be evangelical?

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God’s Calling

We live in a world with constant bombardment of things coming at us that lead us away from what we know is right.  There is an industry out there creating wants for us. We may have absolutely no desire whatsoever for “stuff”, but after a number of advertisements on television, in magazines or on the radio the desire for the unwanted  becomes compelling. Then we suddenly discover that we want something we didn’t even know existed a little while before.

This can be seen especially in the line of children’s toys. Year after year, there’s another toy that children simply must have. I remember a few years back when the toy “Tickle Me Elmo.” Was the must have toy. Everyone wanted one!

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6 Family Traditions to Start in 2015

Traditions are behaviors and actions that we can participate in over and over again.  I have participated in many traditions through my family, my church, school and as a counselor at Camp Calumet.  Typically traditions are purposeful and intentional, but they can be big or small.


Meg Cox, the author of The Book of New Family Traditions, suggests using two P’s when crafting your family’s traditions. When considering a new tradition, first ask yourself: “What’s the purpose of it? What do you hope your family will get out of it?” Once you know your purpose, make your tradition personal.  You want to be able to connect with your tradition, it needs to come from your heart.

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One Word for 2015

For the past few years I have adopted three words to help lead and guide me throughout the year.  This has been a practice of Chris Brogan since 2006 and I adapted it for myself.  I have had some success with this type of focus.  I think it did help me in creating an internal drive to accomplish what I need to accomplish.  However it was also overwhelming.

Here are the words that I used in the past

2011 –  Acceleration, Mindfulness, and Learning

2012 – Simplify, Share and Balance

2013-  Transform, Practice, and Completion

2014 – Create, Compete, Complete

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