Facebook Live

A Step by Step Guide for Worship Leaders

A number of years ago I was serving a church as a youth director.  The pastor of the church left for vacation and was gone for two weeks.  We talked about all the things that I needed to do while he was gone.  One of the things we talked about was worship coverage.  “Wouldn’t it be great?” he said, “if I could just give my sermon from the beach?”  We all laughed at the thought because we knew that was not a possibility. 

Today we could easily make that off the cuff silly idea a real possibility.  Technology is constantly changing and advancing.  We can do so many things now that we could not even imagine doing just ten years ago. There are billions of devices and fast networks that easily connect us to one another.  There are apps that help us find directions, play games, text, talk and so much more. 

One of the ways I believe God is using me in the world is to create content that equips people in finding clarity and confidence so they can live out their God-Given purpose.  The content that I have spent the most time creating are written through my blog and in my sermons on Sunday.  Since January of this year I have been experimenting with video content through Facebook Live.  

What is Facebook Live?  

Facebook Live offers live-streaming video capabilities to users. By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting video live from your smartphone. Any users following you will have the ability to “tune in” to the broadcast. At the end of the video, you can tap “finish” to complete the video, at which point it will be posted as a permanently available feature on your timeline.

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