5 Thoughts for My 5 Year Old


Dear Addyson,

It seems cliché but I do remember the day you were born.  It probably was the worst day weather wise.  It was snowy and the roads were terrible.  But we were up early to drop off your brother at a sitters while we went to the hospital and welcomed you into the world.

This past year I have seen you grow up so much.  Your personality is showing through more and more.  Sometimes I forget that you are turning five this year!  You have such a great attitude about so many things and our family is blessed because you are a part of it.

Life is not perfect, you cry and whine a little too much and sometimes you make me want to pull whatever hair I have left out.  But your positives far outweigh your negatives.

This next year is going to be a big year for you.  We are going to help you take the next step in your life.  You will be starting kindergarten, you will become more independent and as that happens I want you to remember a few things:


1.  You will always be my little girl. No matter how old you get you cannot escape that fact.  I embrace it now because I know in 10 years you will do everything you can to deny that you have parents.

2.  When you face something big and scary remember that you are smart, talented, brave, and God is always watching over you.  It may not seem like that now, and you are too young to really understand what that means but I believe it with everything in my heart.

3.  You are more beautiful than I can ever tell you and more beautiful than you will ever think you are.  Again, this is something that I want you to embrace now (when you say you are beautiful) because there will be times in your life where you won’t see your inner or outer beauty.  I know you don’t get your good looks from me, they come from your mother.  Oh and just let us do something fun with your hair now and then.

4.  You have a family that loves you very much and will do anything to see that you are happy.  I know you love your family and that just warms my heart.  I love how you still want to cuddle with me and it brings a tear to my eye and I treasure these moments because I know that you will grow up so fast.  Please don’t lose this pure love in your heart even when it seems like we are unfair. Remember no matter where you go or what you do, if you ever find yourself in trouble – go to a Lutheran church and tell them your dad is a pastor and they will help you out, I promise.   Also remember that the things which upset you now will not seem like a big deal 5 years from now.  That cycle will happen the rest of your life.

5.  Keep singing.  I can’t tell you enough to keep singing.  You have a beautiful voice and you are so creative musically.  I hope you never lose this passion and that you can keep developing it the rest of your life.  Singing can open so many doors for you.  I never want to be the dad that pushes you to do things that you don’t want to do.  But I will be the dad that encourages you over and over to do the things that make you happy.

I hope you can one day look back and read these things about yourself and maybe remember some of the good times we have had and will have this next year.  I love you with my whole heart and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us.

I love you — Daddy

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