5 Ways to Enjoy the Super Bowl as a Family

Millions of people gather together the first weekend in February to watch the Super Bowl.  Many die hard NFL fans turn the game on (even if their favorite team is not playing) to see who will be crowned the best in the world.

However, not everyone is excited about the game itself.  Thousands of Super Bowl Parties will be held, some to watch the game, some to see the commercials and some just want an excuse to get together and have some fun.

Even the biggest fan can create an atmosphere for the entire family while they watch the game.  Engage with your kids your love of the game, and they will learn and grow from the experience.

Here are 5 things everyone can do to enjoy the Super Bowl as a family.

1.  Tune into the Puppy Bowl – That’s right, the Puppy Bowl.  Each year Animal Planet host the cutest game of the year.  Families can warm up to the big game by watching the adorable puppies run around playing with a football.  Cheer for the puppies, try and guess who the winner will be, and play fetch with your own dog.  Remember everyone is a winner when you are watching puppies play football!

2.  Play Super Bowl Bingo – The website Play. Party. Pin. has created a Super Bowl Bingo card.  It is great! During the game everyone can have a card and as the game progresses – play BINGO.  You can also teach your children (and others) the different things that happen during a game (fumble, sack, safety ect). Make sure you have some prizes for the winner!!

3.  Perform your own half time show –  Some of your family might want to watch Taylor Swift or Elton John perform the half time show.  However, you can also create your own half time show! It is a good time to get up off the couch lip sync to a song, perform a skit or just run around and have some fun!

4.  Create some Super Bowl Treats – There are many, many, many websites that have healthy super bowl food recipes.  I know I will be making a Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Pizza with Tofu Blue Cheese Spread.  There are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat lover recipes.  Don’t go out and just buy a bunch of junk food.  Instead plan a cooking session with your family.  Teach them the basics about healthy eating and how it can be fun, and tasty.

5.  Share your love of the game — Talk about your experiences both on and off the field.  Maybe you were a high school football star, or maybe you played in the pep band.  Whatever memories the game brings up, share that with your family. Tell each other about your athletic successes and failures.  Also tell them why you love the game.  During the game talk about what good sportsmanship looks like, answer their questions and teach one another. 

The Super Bowl can be a bonding experience for families if you are intentional about how you watch the game.  Be with one another, share with one another and you will grow closer as a family.

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl activities?


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