60 Days

60 Days ago:

  • I was still a seminary student
  • I was ready to start finals
  • I was about to leave my job as a part time youth director
  • I was actually feeling quite healthy – a little stressed but healthy
  • I lived in PA
  • I just started the call process
  • I was in my 20’s
  • Summer did not start

The last 60 days

  • I graduated seminary
  • I started and ended a job as a line cook
  • I turned 30
  • I moved to Vermont
  • I fell down a flight of stairs – hurt my head and I have had back problems since
  • I finished the call process and have been called to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Baldwinsville, NY
  • I signed a one year lease for a townhouse in Baldwinsville, NY
  • I have had a stomach bug for the last week
  • Summer started

The Next 60 days

  • I will move with my family to New York
  • I will drive to PA again to get our stuff
  • I will start my new job/ministry
  • I will hopefully be somewhat settled in our new house
  • Summer will end
  • I will get on a regular blogging schedule

This was the best way for me to sum up my life the last 60 days.  I have given highlights here and there.  The one place I did not announce my new position as pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Baldwinsville, NY has been on here. I am sorry to all my blogging friends.

Like I said above health wise I have not been doing well.  I have had a stomach thing the last week- my whole family has had it — PLUS my back has been out.  I have had trouble walking and just standing.  Today was the first day I have been able to walk normally but that has been after two straight days of laying on the floor.

I am excited to start my life as a pastor in my new ministry.  I start July 15th!! I will not have internet for the next few days as we move our stuff to our new place.

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4 thoughts on “60 Days

  1. Congratulation on your first call. Sorry to hear about all the challenges to your health, but these things will pass and you will soon be on your way to an exciting ministry at St. Mark’s.

  2. Congratulations on your first call. Back problems are difficult, so it is good yours is receding. Hope things will go smoothly, especially for your move.

  3. Congratulations on your first call and I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe this will help you feel better…stop by my site to receive your award.

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