8 Things I Hope for My 8 Year Old

Dear Addyson, You turn 8 years old tomorrow. I can’t believe my baby girl is getting so old!  You are becoming so independent it scares me sometimes.  But you have promised that you still will dance with me when you are 18 and I will hold you to that promise.  You are walking that fine line of still coloring pictures of kittens and talking about how boys are falling in love with you.  There are a few things that I hope you know as you continue to grow up.

I hope you know that…..

1.  You are Strong.  The times that you roll your eyes at me when I make a stupid joke.  Or the times that you show me attitude when you are upset.  Keep that fire inside of you but make sure you use it for good.  You are strong and because of that you are going to do great things.

2.  You are talented.  When you dance, don’t dance like nobody is watching, dance like everybody is watching and blow their minds.  When you sing, do it loudly with confidence so that everyone can hear. You are so talented and I want you to know that you are the best at whatever you do.

3.  You are beautiful. You are at the age when you like boys and they like you.  I know you are going to break a lot of hearts and you are going to get yours broken as well.  Remember they are just boys.  You are beautiful both inside and out.

4.  You are passionate.  Lead with your heart.  When you are passionate about something, I mean really passionate – you can be the best in the world at it.  You don’t have to be the smartest in the room to be the best, but if you are the most passionate you will go far.

5.  You do what you love.  Keep riding horses.  When I see you ride your horse you light up!  All your best qualities are being shown for the world to see.  I am most proud of you when you fall and you get up right away and try again.

6.  You are smart.  Sometimes you are going to struggle in school.  But keep on trying and do your best.  I love it when you come up to me and ask me to make some math problems with you, or to make up a story.  Your determination is going to make you great some day.

7.  Kindness Kills. One of the most amazing things about you is your kindness.  You love everyone and in turn everyone loves you.  Even those kids that are not nice to you, love them.  You know that there is something missing in their life and most likely that is a friend.  You are not always going to win them over but be kind and you will change their heart.

8.  Continue to use your imagination.  I see you using your imagination all the time!  When you play with your dolls, draw pictures, write stories, create games.  You are constantly on the move and it is a joy to watch.  Keep making use of your imagination.  It will really come in handy as you get older.

Thank you for the memories that you help create.  Thank you for making your mom and me smile.  Thank you for playing with your brother, and thank you for being you!

I love you — Daddy

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