Life is Like an NFL Football Game

You may know that I. LOVE. THE. NFL.  One of the reasons I love fall so much is NFL football.  Becoming connected with a team, watching them struggle each and every week is amazing.  These men are at the top of their physical game and the complexity of the plays, mixed with the dance like precision that they execute them is breathtaking.

However, things don’t always go the way you want them too.  As a Patriots fan I thought going into this season we were doing to dominate every game.  I could never imagine that after a loss to the Jets, every team in the AFC east was going to be 2-2.  However, as the playoff picture starts to shape up, I am excited that the Patriots are looking to win their division (yes I know there is a lot of football left).

As I was basking in this weeks blowout verses the Rams I was thinking…..

nfl_u_brady_belichick_inline_300As a Patriots fan I have not had to deal with a lot of loss.  Yes losing the Super Bowls has been hard, but overall the Patriots have been a winning team during the Brady-Belichick era. One of the most amazing things to watch has been how Tom Brady has orchestrated fourth quarter wins.  Just when you think you are going to lose — SOMEHOW he turns it around and we end up with a Win.

But that’s not always the way.  Recently I have noticed that the Patriots are not winning the games that they use too.  Back in 2008 these close games would of been wins for the Patriots and they could be one of two undefeated teams this year.  But now, when the Patriots have the ball, down by two with 2:15 on the clock and 80 yards to drive.  I am not 100% certain that the Patriots will win the game.  Either Brady will throw a pick, they won’t drive the ball far enough for a field goal, or they will kick the ball wide left.  There was a time when I would think the Patriots will win but now there is a chance that they will lose.

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My Manifesto

Day 1 of Intentional Blogging with Jeff Goins

I became a follower of Jeff Goins after I read his book Art of Work. I listen to his podcast, I read his blog and subscribe to his mailing list. Jeff provides great value for anyone who follows him like I do. He has started a 7 Day Blog Like a Pro Challenge.

I have not blogged recently because much of my time has been focused on getting the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast up and running. I have found so much joy in podcasting and this love is multiplying as my children are showing their interest in creating media content to share.

The challenge for the first day is to create a manifesto. Jeff writes “What’s your worldview? What gets under your skin? What wrecks you? These are the questions great writers, and incidentally great bloggers, must ask themselves…And once you’ve identified it, that thing you’re writing about, you’ve created something powerful for your readers to connect with.”

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Easter 6: Chosen by God

Sermon for the 6th Sunday of Easter

Beethoven was told by some of his mentors that he should stick to being a concert pianist, that he would never amount to anything as a composer. But he felt “called” to composing. Others may not have believed in him, but he felt that God believed in him.

We know that baptism is a way that we know God believes in us.  I had a conversation with the confirmation students a few weeks ago about baptism.  We talked about how we do baptisms here at Faith vs a number of other churches who practice believers baptism. 

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My 11 Year Old Son

I have an 11 year old son!  It’s hard for me to believe that my son is 11 years old.  It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms, trying to figure out how to be a father.  What a journey it has been.

Logan has lived in nine different homes, six different churches, four different schools  and three different states.  He has played football and soccer, taken swimming lessons, gone to eight weeks of summer camp and has participated in countless number of Vacation Bible Schools.

Being a PK (pastor’s kid) has its advantages and disadvantages.  Logan has walked through life with enough confidence, energy and grace to make me proud.  He is so much like me that it both excites me and scares me. He is his birthday letter:

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