Advent Relaunch

It has been awhile since I have consistently posted on this site.  One of the big reasons I have not been posting is because I am getting ready for a big relaunch with my platform.  I am calling it a platform rather than a blog because I believe that my message is much larger than what I am posting on this blog.

I have been studying and working with a number of people from around the country who have a desire to build a platform or brand.  They are dedicated to change, in their lives and in the world.  I, like them have something that they want to say and want to provide services and opportunities for the message to be heard.

Much of the work that I have been doing is in the backend kinda stuff.  However there are three things that you will notice right away.

1.  Focused Content – I looked back at the 600 or so posts and I read almost every one of them.  I kept about half of my posts.  The others I have uploaded into my journal (I use Day One).  I have used a blog for many purposes over the years and I have decided to have it serve one purpose – to help you!  I will be blogging about helping multi-generational relationships thrive as we learn our faith story, connect with one another, discover our unique gifts and know what it means to live our best life. 

2.  Consistency in Posting – Starting in December I will be posting twice a week.  In having a consistent schedule I hope to engage you more in discussing what your wants/needs are in order to inspire you and your family connect with one another, connect with God and to live your best life.  I will be posting on Monday’s and Friday’s.

3.  Helpful Resources –  Starting today I will be offering your resources to encourage you to grow in your faith and to discover your unique gifts.  If you want my first creating “Six Bible verses that Could Change your Life” signup to get updates in the top right section of the website.

4.  Updated Pages – I have been working on my pages.  Check out my updates About page that has new pictures and content.

There are more smaller changes, but those are the big ones.  I will be making more over the next six months or so that will include a new logo, header pictures and free content for you!

I would love to hear your thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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