Another Semester

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Joe’s Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

25% Yankee

5% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

Are You Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

You Are Rock
Powerful and overbearing, you intimidate people with your presence.
People know they can’t push you around, and they respect that.
Deep down, you are calm, confident, and unmovable.
You take everything pretty seriously, and you think deeply about all aspects of your life.

You tend to feel smothered by paper people.

You don’t mind crushing the spirit of a scissors person.

When you fight, you: Use all of your strength

If someone makes you mad: You’re likely to throw something at them

Man, I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last blogged. I guess with everything going on I have not honestly had time. Maybe that’s a good thing, but there is stuff that always goes on and I think I should blog about it. But with two kids, 20 hours of work a week, volunteering at the YMCA oh yea and full time graduate school life does get to me every once and awhile.

I want to thank Johnna for the first quiz. I thought my out come was interesting. I am a general American who is from the northeast and I spent some time in the Midwest. That’s exactly who I am and that is pretty cool that is shown.
The second quiz I thought was interesting. It is only three or four questions. I am not sure that I am a “rock” at least in the sense that they describe. I could be wrong and just not know it. It might be the best one out of the three I don’t know.

I get to “rest” a bit today, I don’t have classes but I do have Logan with me. Last year during internship I was able to spend the whole day with him on my day off. It was great. We would go to the YMCA and swim and then get pizza for lunch and come home for a nap. Sometimes I slept and sometimes I would get up and get stuff done around the house. Today I had to take him to therapy. It was fun, and then we went to the YMCA for a swim and we just finished lunch. Now it is naptime. I would not mind doing it more often but I did have to miss a meeting at work and I do have lots of reading to do. But every once and a while would be great.

Classes are pretty cool this semester. I actually like them all (even pastor as theologian at this point). I am excited to learn more about baptism, and I am enjoying my relationship, marriage and family class and the other two are my own independent research. One is my independent study on prison ministry where I will be doing three case studies this semester and then a final paper. And I will be doing research on suburban and urban partner churches. I think that will be good since it is corresponding with my internship project from last year. But I think I might want to do something with urban churches and issues around supporting at risk youth to enter into prison and aftercare programs. But we will see, I have until Tuesday to decide.

Okay off for a nap with my son……

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