Becoming Extrodinary

Baseball went on strike for the eighth time during the 1994-1995 season.  Close to a 1000 games were cancelled including the 1994 World Series.  That was the last time I was excited about baseball.  I don’t think I ever got over not having baseball in my life and I seemed to “move on” from it.  I still enjoy watching a game or two but it will never be the same.

I am really struggling with the possibility of not having football this fall.  When millionaires are arguing with billionaires I don’t know where to draw the line.  I do understand that these men that play ball have a short amount of time to play.  I do understand that they feel like they are getting treated fairly.  However, sometimes I think these guys are arguing just to hear themselves talk.

My question is how do I become extraodinary?  Isn’t the work that I do on a daily basis worth a million dollars a year?  How do these athletes go from being ordinary to becoming a superstar?

I remember back in high school i thought I was unstoppable.  I was confident, I worked hard and I felt like I succeeded in most everything I tried.  But I knew that I had my limits.  There were parts of my life that needed improvement.  Can anyone succeed 100% of the time?

I believe if we want to turn the ordinary into extrodinary we need to learn how to take command of our mind and body so that we can be at our best when we need to, and relax and recover when we need too as well.

First, goal-setting is a key. Many people don’t like to set goals because they don’t like to fail. However, you must develop mental toughness if you’re going to grow, and setting and achieving goals is one way to do it. Another way is to develop the ability to get rid of negative thoughts when they occur and substitute images of success and positive results.

Finally, sticking to a sensible program of self-care – including good nutrition, regular restful sleep, built-in periods of laughter and play, and vigorous physical exercise – will do wonders for your self-image.

It is natural to start thinking about these things as we approach a new year. So why not take that natural year-end energy, refuse to settle for “ordinary” in your life, and goal-set to go after the extraordinary. If you do, go after it with everything you have and believe in your ability to do it!

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