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No I have not changed the format of my blog again. Don’t worry. But I do need to update some things around my blog. The first is to give credit to those who have visited my blog an made comments. I have added them to my blogroll. So please visit them and tell them I said hi.

Dr. John who is a Lutheran Pastor has visited my site. He has some great personal stories to share about his journey to ministry and I will let him share it. Click here to read about it.

Proclaiming Softly came to visit. Here is the description on her site “…at the Door of the Church. The Unfinished Church…A Place to discuss Faith, Religion, and denomination. God gave us minds: Let’s use them!” She has a love for outdoor ministry, like myself. And her daughter graduated from the seminary that I go too! You can’t get better than that!

Unlikely Banter has stopped by to visit my blog. Here is his description of himself “Always: Curious husband and dad looking at the world his daughters are growing up in through a Lectionary lens. Sometimes: Lutheran Preacher in Minnesota on the Edge in the Mid-Western Prairie and the Hiawatha Valley reading scripture and loving life, my wife, daughters, dog, cat, art, hunting, fishing, books, movies, friends, and family. Posting about life and the world whenever moved to do so.” I am sure that unlikely and I would get a long just fine.

Welcome everyone to my blog — and those of you reading this please do stop by and visit their blogs.


As a senior seminarian I have the privilege to preach at one of the seminary’s chapel services. Tonight is my night. Please pray for me. I have what I think is a decent sermon. I hope it is well received. I will post it tonight if all goes well.

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3 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. I was quite surprised to follow a link to your site and find my blog listed. Lately I’ve been following too many links, reading a lot of good stuff, but not getting much writing done. I hope I can get back to more “reflection.”

  2. PS – Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting them. I am terrible at responding to comments but I do try from time to time.

    Dr. John- thank you for the prayers. I enjoy reading your blog and I hope that you continue with it, it is a great ministry.

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