We all have our images of what angels are in this world.  What God is telling us is that we all are messengers of God, we are all angels called for a specific purpose in the world.

D is for Devotions

To have a devotional life means that you are talking with God and growing in closer relationship with God.  I love prayer and I pray all the time!  However, to have some time each and every day — to put aside whatever is going on in my life and to read scripture, pray, journal and reflect on my faith is powerful.

God constantly comes to us in different ways.  I liken this back to when Peter tries to walk on water to Jesus, he got out of the boat and took a few steps but he was afraid.  Instead of letting Peter drown Jesus reaches out to Peter and pulls him back on to the boat to safety.  In the same way, like any relationship I think Jesus also wants us to come to Him.  Routine is good, it helps us stay consistent but I think the best way to have a deep devotional life we need to have an authentic experience.

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