Important lesson from Marc Mero about creating transformation in your life.  Remember the ones who are always there for you no matter what.  Thank you Mom and Dad.

5 Things to Tell Your Kids Today

Raising kids is hard!  Since becoming a parent I walk a fine line between being my kids father and their friend.  No matter what I them to know that I love them no matter what, that I am thankful for all that they do and they are wonderful, talented individuals.

However, in the hustle and bustle of life I forget to tell them these things.  I spend so much time getting them to activities, correcting behavior, and just making it through day-to-day life that some of the more important messages get lost.

So if you are like me I would like to remind you of 5 things you can tell your kids today to encourage them and to remind them that they are special.

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My 11 Year Old Son

I have an 11 year old son!  It’s hard for me to believe that my son is 11 years old.  It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms, trying to figure out how to be a father.  What a journey it has been.

Logan has lived in nine different homes, six different churches, four different schools  and three different states.  He has played football and soccer, taken swimming lessons, gone to eight weeks of summer camp and has participated in countless number of Vacation Bible Schools.

Being a PK (pastor’s kid) has its advantages and disadvantages.  Logan has walked through life with enough confidence, energy and grace to make me proud.  He is so much like me that it both excites me and scares me. He is his birthday letter:

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4 Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them

I have learned that the best thing I can do for my children is to love them.  I constantly struggle to find the balance between being a professional and parent.  I love my job, but I love my family more and I want to ensure that they know that.

I had a wake up call moment when a mentor once told me that he broke many promises to his child when they were young because work always came first.  He was trying to make up for that mistake.  I did not want that to happen to me, so I made a decision to put my family first.

I am not perfect, I have made my share of mistakes but there are four important lessons that I have learned to love my children well.

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8 Things I Hope for My 8 Year Old

Dear Addyson, You turn 8 years old tomorrow. I can’t believe my baby girl is getting so old!  You are becoming so independent it scares me sometimes.  But you have promised that you still will dance with me when you are 18 and I will hold you to that promise.  You are walking that fine line of still coloring pictures of kittens and talking about how boys are falling in love with you.  There are a few things that I hope you know as you continue to grow up.

I hope you know that…..

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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Want to Change

I have been thinking about change a lot lately.  I know that change is hard. There are a few people that really enjoy and react to change well.

Over the last year I have had many changes in my life.  Almost one year ago I announced to my congregation in Baldwinsville, NY that I was leaving.  I felt a call to a new congregation in Gardner, MA.  Throughout the year I have gotten to know new people, a new area, a new church.  My kids have attended a new school, made new friends.  It has been a great but hard year, because of the amount of change.

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