I can’t keep my silence any longer. Given that football is my favorite sport and that the Patriots are my favorite team I can’t keep my silence about the events that happened the past week.
For those of you who do not follow sports – A week ago Sunday when the Patriots were playing the New York Jets, one of the security officers caught an employee for the New England Patriots video taping on of the defensive coaches giving hand signals to the players. His goal was to capture this video for further review so in future competitions between the two teams the Patriots would know the hand signals and know what the defense would be. This would give them a competitive advantage.

Roger Goodel reviewed the tape and a fine was given to Bill Belichick ($500,000.00) the New England Patriots ($250,000.00) and they lose a first round draft pick.

Given all of this for a tape that is pretty harsh and there have been mixed reviews about it. I don’t know about you but all this for a tape? Now this would be considered cheating, and that is wrong, so I am not saying they should not be punished but in this case I believe the punishment deserves the crime.

Now, after this came out there have been “reports” that the Packers and the Lions caught the Patriots doing this last year and they did not do anything about it. There are people saying that the Patriots have done this and have done that and that there should be an * next to the Super Bowl wins!!! That is CRAZY!!!! Now I have lost some faith in the team because of all of this. I have seen the Patriots the last few years at the best team in the league no matter what their record. They have been able to take “troubled” players and they have been able to “rehab” their careers. They have had more wins in the last 5 or 6 years than any other team. They use their salary cap wisely so they can have a big year getting all these high-class free agents. But now this kind of changes everything. There is a little doubt deep within side me that maybe they have won a few games here and there because of the taping, but nothing I would admit in person.

I think though if they had the number on different teams, why would they be up more than 20 points in last years AFC championship game and then lose it? I believe you can have all the right calls and you can make the right predictions but you need the players to pull it off. That’s what I believe separates the Patriots from other teams. I am 100% positive that the players had no idea this was going on, so why punish them? It is their coach who screwed up and he is getting punished from it. Why punish the whole team by suspending him or making the team lose the game?

This trickles down for me to my own life and what I am teaching my son. He is just starting to learn how to play games. There is a part of me who wants to sick by the rules so he learns what is fair and what is not fair. But when we play goldfish he does not care if we keep going until we run out of card because then “WE BOTH WIN” Am I teaching him wrong? Should I stick by the rules? Or is it better at this point to just play the game and have fun with him? In the long run will one damage him and the other make him shine? I really don’t know to be honest.

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3 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. I must admit that football doesn’t do it for me. The only one really into the whole episode at our house was my husband. However, when it comes to playing games with our daughter, I do have an opinion. My father, a sports nut from way back, never let us win. My two sisters and I knew that when we won at Monopoly or Hearts, we had beat him at his best. He pulled no punches. (I have a strong memory of my croquet ball being whomped into the neighbor’s yard during an especially cut throat game!) When my own daughter and I started playing games, I maybe wasn’t as hard nosed as my father, but as she got beyond the Candyland stage, I definitely played to win. Sometimes we offset things a little bit, given my age and experience. But for the most part, we both compete full bore. Sometimes she wins and sometimes not. But when she wins, it’s an honest win.

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  3. I go back and forth about this all the time. If you let the kid let “everyone” win, or himself win, all the time, then you’re misleading him in terms of reality, because not everyone wins in life. In fact, most of the time, we lose and only a few win. But at the same time, there’s a certain innocence to the time in which you think that “everyone wins” or that you’re really, actually winning each time, and you don’t know that Grandpa is purposely throwing the game on a regular basis. 🙂

    I guess it’ll be up to me as a parent to watch and make sure that the “everyone wins” or “I win again” takes place ONLY within the context of “fun” play and only while they are younger. If I start to see effects from it or from our stupid school system (that now doesn’t even do GRADES for most things), there will be some sharp lessons coming about the lack of fairness in life and how not everyone’s a winner and that’s ok, and sometimes losing is the best thing to happen to you.

    A tough row to hoe, that’s for sure.

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