Coming to an end

My time at the seminary is quickly coming to an end.  I can’t believe it!!  I have two more papers to write and one to edit.  I have one more week of classes.  I have been wanting to blog and keep everyone up to date on my life happenings but that seems more and more impossible.  I do have an hour before lunch so I am going to generally try and give you the full picture.

I am interviewing for a potential church in May 28th.  It is not as soon as we would of liked but schedules did not permit a sooner time.  If everything goes well and as I would expect I hope to be in place by July 1st.  In between then I will take some time to rest and relax, move out of our apartment, find a place to store our stuff, move in with my parents (thanks mom and dad) and get some kind of part time work which I hope will include supply preaching, and some other well paying minimal commitment job (which should be easy to find……right?)

I don’t mind waiting as much if I have a plan and we are trying to come up with that now.


Classes are ending well – I am glad I took a class last summer to get things out of the way.  I don’t think I have as much work as some others, but I still have things to do.


Graduation is on May18th – I am excited about that.  I think I am ready to move on.  Living off campus has been a blessing and curse.  We are far enough away (about 45 min) where we are not able to come to campus for a party or a night event (having two small kids doesn’t help).  I miss that community that I experienced my first two years of seminary. But it has been a good transition for us– since we are not as close to the community as we once were we are ready to move on.  The boy will have enough trouble separating from his friends at the day care.  But I hope he will like where we move too.


The family is doing well – with the change of weather there are some coughs and stuffy noses in the house but nothing terrible.  I just hope it gets warm soon and we can start packing up all the winter clothes.


I need to catch up on some emails before lunch.  I don’t know when I will get on here again in the next week.  Most of the words that will be writing will be about the Book American Jesus (I have not read that yet) or about using the 10 commandments as a basis for pre-marriage work.

To all the other seminarians out there – Good luck the next few weeks!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Coming to an end

  1. We are done here at LTSS…graduation next Friday! Good luck making that last push Joe. For me it took a lot of coffee…..I mean a LOT!

  2. I envy you. The excitement t of beginning. A little time off in between won’t hurt. You can start all refreshed.
    If the parishes I served are any indication they will love your kid.

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