Read James 5:7-9

I loved making cookies as a kid.  Once we started making cookies (shortly after Thanksgiving) I knew that Christmas was coming pretty soon.  We would gather around the dining room table with all the ingredients and start mixing them together.  It was SO much fun….until….we had to put them into the oven.  It seemed like they were in the oven FOREVER!!  I was excited again once I heard the timer beep, “THE COOKIES ARE DONE!” I would yell.  But alas I could not have a cookie yet, I had to wait until they “cooled down some.”

As a child, impatience seemed to go hand in hand with Christmas. It seemed like that great, wonderful, magical day would never, ever come.

There is a far greater day coming, however. It’s that ultimate Christmas when Jesus Christ will return to this world with all His angels. Jesus will remove every source of evil, pain, and suffering as He renews His creation. and makes it perfect. Then we will enjoy perfect health, perfect relationships, and a perfect life forever.

How can we wait for that wonderful day? In this week’s Epistle Lesson James tells us to establish our hearts. He means for us to strengthen our hearts with the certainty of Jesus coming just as He promised. When our hearts are established the problems of this life simply don’t loom as large because we can clearly see our God is bigger and stronger than anything we face.

How do you establish your heart? Take time to worship. There you will be reminded of Christ’s promises. There your Baptism will be renewed as you confess your sins and as the Holy Spirit reassured you through the pastor that those sins are forgiven. There you will receive the very body and blood that Jesus sacrificed for us on the cross. And there the Spirit of God will establish your faith and keep you until that final day. Then you will know a peace and confidence as all your problems shrink back to their true size, easily managed by our God and Savior.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus, You have promised to return to this world to make all things right and perfect forever. Establish my heart in Your promise so that none of the problems I face will shake my trust and confidence in You. Amen.

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