Done, Done and Almost Done

Yesterday it happened — I handed in my final paper.  I am officially done with seminary.  No more papers to write or books to read for my seminary education.  Unless I totally missed the mark on one of my papers I can say that I am done with seminary.  Graduation is on Sunday and I can’t wait.  My parents are coming down from Vermont and I have some good friends in the area that are coming up to celebrate.  It will be one of the greatest days of my life.

Like most blogs that I have read with seminary graduates the days leading up to graduation is a time of reflection on the last four years of my life.  I have spend the last four years working on papers, reading books and providing ministry to many people.  To think that I have been in contact with thousands of people between my field education site, CPE site, Internship site, and the church that I worked at my senior year.  There have been a lot of great memories and I have created a lot of great relationships.  It will be sad to say good-bye.

This past Sunday I worked my last day at the church I have been working at as a youth director this past year.  The first six months was very fusterating because nothing that I did worked.  We just did not have the kids to do anything.  But then in January kids started coming out and we have had a pretty successful program.  It was very sad for me to say good-bye. The kids are great and I am going to miss them for sure.

So two of the things that have taken up majority of my time is over….done and done.


I am still in pain from my fall the other day.  It is my back that hurts.  I can’t sit at all and I finally decided to go and see the doctor this afternoon.  I am not sure what they will do — last fall when I had a constant pain in my back they just gave me pain medicine.  But this is a different type of pain so I don’t know if there is something else that they can do.  I am glad that all I have to do now is rest.


There is not much news on the first call front.  I am waiting until the end of May for my trial sermon and interview.  I am very excited about it and nervous that it goes well.  Not only is this church a  great church but I am very excited to finally be settled and working on ministry.  As things advance I will keep everyone updated.

That’s all for now. I hope to catchup on my blogging the next few days.  There have been lots of things I want to blog on and reflections that I would like to share so come back and visit again soon.

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3 thoughts on “Done, Done and Almost Done

  1. Congratulations! I loved that feeling when the last paper was inthe hands of the prof. But the better feeling was when I had the degree in my hands! Enjoy your graduation Joe. You and your classmates have earned it!

  2. Dr. John — Yea I still worry if I handed in all my papers and if I completed all my classes. Sunday will fell good.

    David– thank you I can’t wait until I have that degree in my hands!!

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