Dream Big

Isaiah 35: 8-10

When I say the word “dream” what do you think about?
Do you think about the crazy images that come to your mind when you are asleep? Or do you get tired and run down because you think about all the things that you dream of accomplishing in your life but you have not gotten to them yet? Or do you get energized and excited with the hopes and dreams of your future?

We all have dreams of what we want to be when we “grow up”. When you were a kid what did you dream about? What did you want to become?

There are some people who live out their dreams on a daily basis, there are others who have put their dreams in a little box for safe keeping. When we put our dreams in a box we can claim that we have a dream but rarely do we open our box to see what is inside. Then what happens to our dreams?

There are other occasions when we start to see our hope and dreams come to life. But then something happens, something that brings our dreams to an end – if you do feel like that or have felt like that in the past you know it hurts.

As you think about your dreams and as you start to live out your dreams as an individual and within the context of a community be sure to support others in their personal dreams. Take out your box, to put it into your heart and mind, and build your life around it. See your dreams, set goals toward it, share it with those around you, and pray about it. Don’t get caught living your life with no hope, no dreams no visions for how your life is going to be, and if you have to go to “plan B” know that you have love and support while you do it.

THE PRAYER: Help us God with our plan “b”. we know that our lives may not always turn out the way we hoped or dreamed but our life is always better when we have you. Be with us during those dark times in our life and help us to be there for others when they experience the same thing. Amen.

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