Facebook, Faith and Change

We are creatures of habit.

Throughout the week we wake up at the same time (even if we don’t want too), shop at the same stores, drive the same way to work and  plan the same things to eat over and over again.  When something disrupts our routines we may find ourselves feeling “out of wack” and more than ever we want to go back to the way things were — or our routine.

This type of longing stretches far more than wanting to have Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup every Monday.   In our faith life we have our set ways.  We may say the same prayer before every meal and before bed time, we go to the same church, sing the same songs and if someone sits in the pew we sit in every single Sunday…..well look out!

Another thing we do not want changed is Facebook.  The past several months there have been a number of changes to Facebook and every time there is a change I have hundreds of friends posting complaints, wishing things went back to the way things were.  I am sure if pressed — most people don’t even remember how Facebook “used” to be when they first signed up.   But there is change, and no one likes change.

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