Failing Lent

The conversations among many Christians throughout the world this time of the year revolves around what one gives up during Lent.  The season of Lent usually calls to mind a time of discipline, of sacrifice, of giving up.  Most years I have given something that I love up for Lent.  Usually it is chocolate, eating out, or soda.  Other times I have tried taking something on like exercise, clean eating, or blogging.  Actually, my interest in blogging started during as a Lenten discipline.

This year I wanted to get back to the “heart” of Lenten practices, praying, fasting and alms-giving.

I wanted to start a practice of prayer — I was planning on taking some time each day to intentionally pray for the church, my friends and family, and others throughout the world.

I was going to fast.  Besides a few youth events over the years I have never really intentionally fasted before.  I thought it would be a good thing to try and something that would help me be thankful for all that I do have in the world.

I wanted to intentionally give.  I was planning on giving my time, my talents and my treasure in ways I have never done before.  I was going to cut back in parts of my life in order to give.  Our family has a giving heart and I wanted to expand upon that.

This was my plan.

In terms of my plan Lent never really got off the ground.  The week of Ash Wednesday I had a number of unexpected things happen in my life both in and out of the church.  The next thing I knew I was a week into Lent and I had not even prepared myself.  I wanted blog more, I wanted to pray more, I wanted to eat less and give more.

I. Failed.

Then I thought that it was okay, no one is perfect I will start next week……that was around four weeks ago and no prayer, no fasting, no giving.

Granted other things have come up — I have taken on a new lifestyle practice in terms of eating.  I have new ideas to enhance my prayer life and there are possibilities to give more and I am excited about this!!!  However, this is not what I was envisioning for Lent.

So I ask myself, what happened?  Did I fail Lent? Did I fail God?

I really felt bad about it, and then I realized that I did not fail.  In fact, I am thriving more than I was at the beginning of Lent. At the beginning of Lent I had hopes and dreams for myself, I had expectations of what could happen but now I am living a life that is happening NOW.  So many times in my life I try and live my plan when in fact I should be living Gods plan.  I don’t know what is best for me – I can only guess and when I do I get it right 50% of the time.  God gets it right all the time.

So if you have been “failing Lent” like I have — don’t worry about it because God may have a plan that you don’t know about and it could help you in ways that you can’t even imagine right now.

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