Failure and Success

Life sometimes gets the best of us.  It is a rare person who has the gifts to be able to find the good in all bad situations.

My family has faced some obstacles recently.  From my point of view we have two choices —   Either we can see it has a stumbling block and become discouraged, frustrated and just give up. Or we can turn the stumbling block into stepping stones.

We do not know what God has planned for us. Sometimes we fail to listen to what God is calling us too in our life, we try and explain what God is trying to do.  But it isn’t that easy….

In the book of Job chapter 11 we read

7-12 “Do you think you can explain the mystery of God?
Do you think you can diagram God Almighty?
God is far higher than you can imagine,
far deeper than you can comprehend,
Stretching farther than earth’s horizons,
far wider than the endless ocean.
If he happens along, throws you in jail
then hauls you into court, can you do anything about it?
He sees through vain pretensions,
spots evil a long way off—
no one pulls the wool over his eyes!
Hollow men, hollow women, will wise up
about the same time mules learn to talk.

God is much bigger than we can It doesn’t matter how bad a situation may seem at first, we are Now I don’t mean you should pretend things are wonderful when, in fact, they are bad.  But, if you can accept pain and disappointment as a part of life, if you can see it for what it is and then move past it, if you can look disaster in the face and call it what it is – and then find a blessing in it – you’ll be making the best of bad times.

There are so many great people who have failed over and over again, they did so even before they made something great out of themselves.  Here is a video that describes some of those people:

When have you failed before?  How has it changed you?

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