Fatherhood and Ministry

I have been a father for seven years, and I have been a pastor for almost three years.  Over the last three years I have see similarities in both being a pastor and being a parent.

Recently I have read two posts that have inspired me to think about this.  The first is from a Big Daddy Paul whose father was a minister and he is a stay at home dad.  He wrote a post about the difference between being a minister and being a stay at home dad. It was a great and entertaining post for me because I knew exactly what he was talking about.  As a father and as a minister I see similarity in my roles – granted they are not exactly the same but in general I am shepherding people in their faith life and I am shepherding my children, not only in their faith life but at life in general.

The second post is from fellow seminarian and soon to be pastor Luthermatrix.  He recently posted about a conversation he had with a committee about how current graduates of ELCA seminary’s are being told that they night need to be bi-vocational.  In conversations with other friends from seminary I have been told that the availability of full time first calls are very limited.  Those churches who might be on the “smaller” side, who could afford a recent seminary graduate and who have the type of ministry where it would be a good fit for someone coming out of seminary.  Well, those churches are getting smaller and smaller and can no longer afford a full time pastor.

So what is one to do?

More and more we are being told that we should be able to serve a congregation part time ( but part time in ministry only really means part time pay) AND have another job in order to pay the bills.  How crazy is that?

Both of these posts made me think of my role as Father and Minister.

Not only have I thought about how I spend my time between the church and my family but also I am thinking about how similar my roles are as the shepherd of my family and the shepherd of my congregation.

Over the next several weeks, I will be starting a series called Family Friday’s.   I will be exploring the ideas of being a parent and leading a ministry and I will share my thoughts,  I have also asked some friends to share their thoughts as well.  If you would like to share your thoughts please do so in the comment areas, or if you would like to guest post on my blog let me know!

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