Getting Healthy

Read Matthew 11: 2-6

Most of us know what it takes to stay healthy. Why, then, do we have so much trouble actually doing it?

Now I know it is unfair asking this during one of the worst times for staying on a diet. First there is Halloween Candy, and then there is the Thanksgiving Feast, and finally there is Christmas Season when you have everything from cookies, to office parties to gatherings with friends and family.

However, most of us know that if we do a few things now to improve our health habits – things like eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet, exercising, and eliminating dangerous habits like smoking – we will be much better off later in life.

We know, but we don’t always do. One reason may be that the changes we need to make are in the here and now and the benefits seem vague and far in the future.

Another reason has to do with our view of our ability to control what happens to us. You see, we don’t undertake changes that we don’t think we can make happen.

But with God anything can happen. Throughout the Bible Jesus healed the sick, made the blind see and helped the lame walk. If we put our trust and hope in God we can accomplish all things.

THE PRAYER: God, thank you for doing so much for so many people. Help us Lord in our walk with you, may we put our trust in your never failing hands. Amen.

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