Goal Setting

I have worked hard over the last year to change how I view the world and how I make decisions about my life.  I have changed so much this past year that I want to share three ways that you can make positive changes in your life as well.

1.  You have the power within to make changes.  So often we live a reactionary lifestyle, that means the main way we make decisions is based on what is happening to us.  This means we don’t have control over what we are doing!!  If you have decided that you want YOUR future to be everything you have imagined and if you want to live to your full potential then you have to believe that you have the power to create your own path.  This does not mean that everything will happen just the way you want them too — you still will have set backs, but as you take each situation as it comes, you can be confident that your live overall will improve and that the setbacks you experience are only temporary.

Each of us can take personal accountability and then we are ready to look the world in the eye and say,  “These are my decisions and I stand by them. I am ready to take the consequences for my actions and decisions.”

2.  Decide where you want to be. Now that you know your current reality you can decide your personal goals.  With these goals you can create a powerful vision that includes specifics about your future.  It will help you you create a picture that encapsulates your vision.  Then you can break down your vision into smaller obtainable goals with a time line.  These smaller goals are not to veer you off of your larger goal but they are designed to support your larger goal and to keep you motivated towards the future. Focus on what you want, and shut out the distractions that cause you to lose your focus. If your purpose is just, achievement is within your grasp.

3.  Change your internal dialogue.  Keep your self-talk, your internal dialogue positive.  Your self-talk will keep the pictures you have for yourself and your future clear in your mind.  It is easy to form a cloud around them but the more you can convince yourself that what you are doing is important and that you are making good progress, your ability to stay on task and to keep your future front and center in your mind.

Once you have a handle on your own goals and vision, you can help others create theirs.  This is the most powerful way to accomplish what you want to accomplish in your life and to keep upbeat and positive no matter what else is happening around you.

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