Google vs Yahoo

So I have an internal debate over many various web resources….

Google vs Yahoo

WordPress vs Blogger

Facebook vs Myspace

It may seem silly because no matter what you choose you can make things work for themselves.  However I question if my choice was the right one.  Currently I use google, wordpress and facebook more often.  I do have a yahoo, blogger and myspace account that I use from time to time but not very often.

This came up to me again because I just started using google reader.  I think it is a very cool thing.  I have attached all my favorite blogs (about 20 blogs) and it will download any new post.  That will save me time and trouble as I don’t have to go to each website to see if there is a new post.  I think it is great.

I have chosen Google over Yahoo because I think google is very clean cut. I like its integration of all the different services (maps, reader, mail ect) I like how I have my iGoogle where I can post what I want on a homepage and I can move stuff around to my liking.  Once I signed up with Google I was hooked.

I like WordPress because it seems more professional too me.  It was very easy for me to set things up and once I came up with a name I liked (papajoemc) I was on WordPress and before I knew it people were reading my blog and making comments and I thought it was too late to go back.  Now in an ideal world I would be using blogger because Google has a deal with blogger and I would integrate even more but I am happy where I am.  I am alittle sad with WordPress because we cannot add java to our widgets like you can with blogger. But in the end that is okay, because people are coming to read my blog not to see what the latest ELCA news is or what movie I put on my blockbuster cue.  Since my interest in photography has taken off I do have a blog with blogger where I will post a picture I have taken or one taken of me with a brief description.  That will be my “fun” blog and I will have lots of different crap over there. So check that out if you get a chance.  Currently I don’t have an SD card reader ( I lost it) so I will have to go out and get a new one to post my photos.

Talk about professionalism, Facebook is MUCH neater and nicer than myspace.  I am able to add applications with ease, and even though I miss making a unique background when it comes down too it I don’t miss it that much.  My wife has a myspace page (as do I) and that is one of the reasons I stick with myspace.  Even though we talk with one another it is nice to leave messages for one another.  There are also people on myspace that I talk with every now and again who otherwise I would not talk with.

Eventually, I need to stick with one and stick with it.  The transition will be hard but it will be worth it. Currently though all my email goes to one address so no matter what you email me on I will get it (unless it goes to spam) and when everything is said and done I believe the Iphone has push email through yahoo so eventually when I get my iphone (and I will get one some day) I might have to make that jump and never look back.  Until then the debate continues….

I usually don’t ask questions on my blog but I am curious

Which (if any) services do you use? Why did you choose that service? Are you happy with it?

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4 thoughts on “Google vs Yahoo

  1. I use blogger because that’s where I started and I am comfortable with it. I also have some websites but they are for the Church and for the family and are not hosted by any of the things you list.

  2. That’s interesting that’s the reason you chose blogger.

    I am aware that there are LOTS of different types of web hosts- even in the blogging world I know of a few more but these are the ones that I use or have used.

  3. I use yahoo, blogger, and facebook. I am thinking of making the switch from yahoo to google, but I’ve been on yahoo so long and people know that email, it’s hard to switch. I use blogger becuase it was easier for me to figure out and it’s simple. I use facebook sometimes, but am not into it like some people. I have it becuase everyone else does…. but I wont be jumping off bridges or buildings anytime soon.

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