Half Naked

“My daughter does not recognize you unless you are half naked.”

This comment may seem inappropriate outside of the context in which it was said.  As many of you know I teach swimming lessons at the local YMCA.  I have been doing it a little over a year.  It has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community, to actually go to the YMCA to work out some during the week, and I get a free membership.    I love the water, I always have so it is a good fit.

Well I saw one of my favorite kids at Wal-Mart yesterday when I was buying my kids Easter basket stuff.  She would not talk to me!! She is four years old and was being shy and I understand that.  I was in a different context, and not in my bathing suit.  Her mom said that she talks about me all the time during the week.  Once she saw me in my car and now every time they see a maroon van she thinks it is me driving.   But she she said the above comment it just seemed weird to think that is actually true to some degree!

We then talked for a moment about my assignment.  I did not really think before about what we were leaving behind.  How much we are going to miss no matter where we moved.  There are a number of things that we have to leave that will be sad in some respect.  I will be leaving my community at the Y – I have really enjoyed teaching the kids and being an important part of that community and it will be sad to say good-bye and that I most likely will never see or hear from these people again.  We will be leaving the community built up at the day care.  All of the wonderful people we have met there, especially the relationships that The Boy has established.  I am thankful that he is young enough that he will be sad at first but he will be able to rebound from it pretty quickly.   And of course we will be leaving the seminary community, but that is one that is obvious and we have been preparing for that.

I have heard about a first call opportunity.  I am really excited about this possibility if it comes through – at least from the website.  I think for my first call it is in a good location- in a nice suburb but close to a city-  actually close to a college town which is even cooler.  Doing the math- if we wanted to go and see my family just for a day that would be possible.  Or if we left on a Friday night we could leave after work and we won’t get there some crazy hour.  So things are very positive right now.

Right now is March Madness.  It is honestly the only time that I get real excited about college sports.  I love the idea of college sports and how the kids (yes I consider college students kids – I am that old) really care about  the sport they are playing and how much heart is put into everything they do.  But I don’t know if it is a time thing or desire or both but I don’t really follow anyone.  I really don’t have a connection with a college so I don’t have any passion.  Being from northern New England, I did not have a big college that I am connected with.  The Boston area college sports were never really that big – the biggest would be UConn and I like to tune into a basketball game every now and again but that’s about it.  Perhaps that will change in the future……

I do fill out a March Madness bracket every year, and by my performance this year (as well as years in the past) you can tell that I don’t really follow college ball.

I am trying to get myself in the frame of mind for the three days….  I must say with everything else going on, and the fact that this is my final year for the rest of my life where I will not be working during the three days, I must say my spiritual connection with this time of the year has taken a backseat.  I hope to go to a Good Friday service in about an hour, and then I am preaching tomorrow night- then Sunday morning I am going to the Sunrise service followed by serving breakfast with my youth group.  Very different from last year.

I want to thank everyone for your warm words and meaningful messages this past week.  It has been a roller coaster for sure, and to hear how much support we have from everyone has been great.  I have to say we are in a really good place right now and we are VERY excited about our future and what God has in store for us. Once I can divulge information  I will.  Keep checking back.

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  1. First call is a wonderful time. You get a chance to make all the mistakes you should have made on internship. But there is nobody to bail you out. I lasted three years in my first call but I learned a lot. I lasted thirty five years in my next call.

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