I Miss My Kids

Our family just ended a week’s vacation.  My wife and I saw it as a vacation  not only from work and from home but from our kids as well.  This was the first time in our six years of marriage that we did not have at least one kid with us for more than one overnight.  My parents took our two kids and two of my brother’s three kids (my youngest brother is there as well) to Camp Calumet for the week.

So my wife and I enjoyed some down time in Vermont.

Monday we celebrated our six year anniversary with dinner at Table 24 and we saw the movie Inception (which was awesome by the way).  Tuesday we went to Burlington, Vermont and had lunch at Al’s French Frys and took a walk up and down Church Street.  Wednesday we took a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, and Cabot Cheese Farm.  Thursday we hung around the house and started to prepare ourselves for our trip home, we took a tour of the Wilson Castle and awaited our kids arrival home.  Friday (today) we are headed back to our home.

It has been wonderful to reconnect with my wife — kidless.  We have talked about a lot of things that we usually don’t get to talk about because usually we are dealing with one thing or another with our kids.  Another reason we don’t have “adult” conversations is because we are so consumed with day to day life that we don’t have time to talk with one another, or we forget what we have to say to one another because something comes up.

These conversations have been great.  They also are going to lead to some major changes in our lives over the next six to eight months.  I won’t go into detail about them now but I will blog about them soon.

Even though we have enjoyed our time together we missed our kids.  We missed cuddling with them, we missed talking with them we missed how we experience what they are experiencing.  We missed so much about them and we are glad that they are home with us again.

But it warms my heart to have parents who care about their grandchildren so much that they take them out into the woods to camp for a week.  I was never really lucky enough to get to know my grandparents or my cousins that well because of I lived in Vermont and they lived in Pennsylvania.  I am glad that my kids get to know their grandparents and cousins on trips like this.  Thank you mom and dad.

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4 thoughts on “I Miss My Kids

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Wish i was closer so i could spend time with the kids as well. You all seem so happy it warms my heart. It’s hard being so far away but knowing you are all so happy and in love helps.

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