Read Matthew 21:1-7

Our Advent journey continues and, no, we’re not there yet!

I have taken many trips in my life.  It did not matter if I was traveling from Vermont to Pennsylvania as a kid to visit family, or from Iowa to Vermont during college. It did not matter if I was traveling in my 89 Toyota Corolla or by plane when I traveled I could never get to my destination fast enough.

Thousands of years ago Jesus also traveled.  He travelled with crowds making their way up to Jerusalem.  Jesus traveled in a very special way, and with the most humble of servants.  He was by far the greatest to ever walk those roads.   But in the Gospel for this first week in Advent, Jesus took His rightful place at the center of the throne. He rode with praises into Jerusalem for the final festival where He would go to battle for us, laying down His life that we might have eternal life.

At Jesus’ command two of the disciples borrowed an animal on which He would ride into Jerusalem. But He did not choose a towering, powerful, warhorse. No, He rode on a young donkey, a lowly beast of burden.

That is the mark of our King. At Christmas He comes as a tiny baby, humble and lowly, born in a manger. In meekness He came to lay down His life as a sacrifice to save us from our sins.

Today He also comes among us in humility.  He chooses lowly water and joins His Word to it to transform lost sinners into children of God.

Even as we continue our journey toward Jerusalem, our King comes right alongside us in great gentleness and humility. Since He is humble, we too are moved to meekness toward each other, knowing He has made our future certain in our eternal home.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus, our Savior, thank You for coming to us in such humility. You have saved us and now You ride with us to keep us and protect us. Reassure us by Your presence and guide us safely to our home. Amen.

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