Losing weight with my iPhone

This weekend I finished my 50th workout session with my trainer.  I really enjoy working out and I have learned a lot during my time at No Mercy Fitness.  I have learned more about myself and my relationship with food and exercise.  I have lied to myself SO many times over the last 33 years of my life.  I have told myself that it doesn’t matter what I eat as long as I take the stairs instead of the elevator, as long as I go for a walk, as long as I do…….whatever…..

So I would end up eating most likely 3000-4000 calories a day…..take that and then I don’t do the stuff I say I am going to do when it comes to exercise — which has lead me to where I am right now.

But now I have someone keeping me accountable.  It has not always been easy and I am far from being perfect, but during the last 50 sessions I have lost close to 30 pounds and I feel more in control of what I am eating.  Instead of not knowing what my next meal is going to be, I have a plan  for my meals.  If I eat something that is not good for me that is a choice and I have to live with the consequences.

Right now those bad choices are becoming less and less.

Part of the training is the exercise-  I am moving my body on a consistant basis and I am feeling like I am getting stronger and stronger.  The other part of my success has come from nutrition.  I need to know what is going into my body and why I am putting in there.

No Mercy has some food journal pages that they give me to help keep track of the food, calories, fats, proteins, and carbs.  This a great resource for many people.  But I know this does not work for me.  I have never been able to keep a notebook like that.  There were many times that I did not have the book with me and I would not write down what I had for a meal that day and then I would forget and I would get to the end of the day and only record  800 calories — I knew that was not right…..

So I went from the papers to a notebook which was better, but again – if I did not have it with me I would not record something or I would not be able to find it the morning of my next workout.  So I racked my brain to figure out a solution.

So I did a search in the app store and I found many, many apps to use for recording food choices.  So I started using some of those apps on my iphone to record what I was eating.

I evaluated many apps but I have settled on two that have really helped me.

The first is MyFitness Pal.  This app has a HUGE data base of different foods.  There are brand name foods as well as foods that people have entered (homemade stuff).  There are many things I love about this app.  First it has a scanner built in so if I can’t find a certain food in their database I can scan the bar code on the product I am eating and it pulls up the food.  Also it remembers how many calories are in a typical food that I am making at home (ie pizza dough, bread, etc).  I love how they have an iPad and online version of the app that I can use.  Even though I love my iPhone, having a bigger screen to use is helpful.  Finally I love their reports. I have tried loseit.com and some other apps but the one the one problem I was having was bringing up the information my trainer needed when we met.  It was hard to look on the iPhone, but with myfitnesspal I am able to print off reports with a breeze.

The second app that has really helped me keep track of what I am eating is Evernote Food.  Even thought I have myfitnesspal at my finger tips sometimes I am in a hurry so I don’t have time to log in or look at the calories or keep track of my portion size so I snap a picture with Evernote Food and I have a copy in my phone and evernote account.  Likewise if I like a dish that I have made I can take a picture of it and I have it for the next time I plan that meal.

These apps along with my iPhone have been very helpful and necessary in my weight loss journey. I am sure that I will be using them into the future and they will help me have continued success.

Do you use an app to help you to manage your health?  What tools have you used to help you become successful?

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  1. I have used a Nike App to track the distance when I go for a walk or run,but I have not seen that app before. I am going to check it out! Thanks!

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