Luther is a Mom

My family loves animals.  Both my wife and I had animals growing up.  It tough us responsibility, care, compassion and having pets brought joy into our lives.  Recently we decided that we wanted an addition to our family.  We have two kids, a cat named Emma and a dog named Jewels.  We love Emma but she is not not the most friendly cat.  She was not cuddly and she does not like for us to pet her.

So we went on a search for a new kitten.  We wanted a young cat that would adapt well to our current family.  After a few months of searching we found Luther.  His owners told us that Luther was a boy cat, he got along with other animals and kids.  They told us that they got him checked out at the vets and he was current on his shots and was fixed.  We decided that he was perfect for our family.  He was so little and he was cuddly and he put up with the normal type of “abuse” from my young children.  Jewels and Emma also came to accept and love “Little Luther.”

Time went on – Luther was a happy and healthy cat. The kids love him and he seemed to love them back.  However, one day I noticed something was “off”.  I said to my wife:  “Are we really sure Luther is a boy cat?”  She said:  “I think so, why do you ask?”  I thought about it and then said: “Well I have a sneaking suspicion that Luther might be a girl cat.”  She told me that I was crazy and I did not think much about it.

Well about 1:30 am my suspicion was confirmed.  Luther is in fact Luth-HER because she has kitten’s last night – three of them!  She was sleeping in our bed and about 1:30 am she started to FREAK OUT, meowing like I never heard her before.  This continued for a few moments.  I thought that I might have rolled over on her accidentally but even after I moved she continued to meow loudly.  Then she suddenly stopped but something was wrong.  I tried to look to see what was going on but it was dark.  I grabbed my phone and I turned on the flashlight to see what was happening and I saw something that looked like a little rat next to her tail.  At first I thought she killed a rat and brought it into bed with her.  I told my wife that I think something was wrong and we turned on the light and found out that it wasn’t a rat but a kitten!!  Luther is a mom!!

I never experienced something like this before and we were not sure what to do.  We Googled “My cat just had kittens what do I do?” and we got some information.  I called the emergency vet line and got some more information.  We woke up the kids and let them know what happened and then we all went down stairs to sleep for the rest of the night.  We left her alone and by the end of the night she had three kittens!!

Both mother and children are doing well – we will be taking them all in to the vets when they tell us it is okay and around Easter we will have 2-3 kittens to give away to a nice loving family.

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