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There are three new Lutheran websites that this blog has been listed under.  I wanted to share these resources with you since there are other Lutheran (and non Lutheran) blogs listed under them.  If you want to see some of my favorite blogs check out the sidebar for those links.  Over the next several months I will try and tell you more about my favorite blogs.

But for now here are the Lutheran websites for your enjoyment:

1. Living Lutheran — This is a new site run by the ELCA.  There are stories about people living out their faith posted on the website. There is a great resource of Lutheran blogs, video’s and as well as other resources.  On the website you will find posts on culture, and there will be plenty of conversations about what is happening in the world from a Lutheran perspective.  I was a featured blogger on their website recently so you know it has to be good. 🙂

2.  Lutheran Central — This Lutheran website was launched in 2000.  However, after about a year the website was too much for one person to keep up so it stood dormant for a number of years.  In January of 2009 the site came back to life and it is a great resources for people to use to keep up on all things Lutheran. Their goal is to connect Lutherans on the web and there is lots of information on it so check it out.

3. Theological Degrees Online — This is not a “Lutheran” site.  This is a website that helps people find information about getting a theological degree.  The website is run by Timothy Dalton.  However, there is a post in his blog where he lists the Top 50 Lutheran Blogs and yours truly was listed number 12.  So if you want to know what is happening in the Lutheran Blog world check out this post — also if you are interested in pursuing a theological degree check out other parts of the website.

Lots of great information on all of those websites.  Check them out and feel free to link back so others can check them out as well.  The more we can get connected online the better off we will all be.

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