Monday Sermon Chats on Periscope

3 Ways you can use Periscope Today

Periscope is a live streaming app that links up with your twitter followers. So when you start a new broadcast (live video), your twitter followers who are also on Periscope are notified. They can then watch your broadcast and comment via text while they are watching. You then have the option to allow people to view your broadcast at a later date.

More and more people are using Periscope to show the world their life and in the church – their ministry. Periscope can help church leaders connect with members of their congregation as well as potential people who are looking for a church.  Periscope videos are public broadcasts viewable by anyone, with notifications that are sent to your followers and to your Twitter feed when you “go live.”

There are many ways to use Periscope in the church.  Here are five ways that I am planning on using Periscope in the future and I think that you should as well.

  1.  Monday Sermon Chats – I was thinking recently that many pastors put hours preparing their sermons every week.  After all that time preparing the sermon they preach it on a Sunday and most of the time their content does not see the light of day again.  Now some pastors are recording their sermons and uploading them to the web.  That is great and that will get the word out!  A new thing that I will be doing is using Periscope and have a live chat about my sermon on a Monday morning. Join me at 12 noon every Monday to have a conversation about my previous Sunday’s sermon.
  2. Broadcast Fellowship Events – Every church has some sort of fellowship events from time to time.  Using Periscope during these events can let others in your church and community know what you are doing and how much fun you are having at these events.  
  3. Interviews – Periscope is great for live interviews.  Are there youth in your church that have a God Moment that they want to share?  Does an older member have a story to share about a historical event that happened at the church?  Record these interviews and you can save them for the church’s archives.  

No longer does our ministry need to stay in the walls of the church.  With this app you can easily bring your worship, educational time, fellowship time into the world.  The best part is that it is free!!! All you need is a willing volunteer with a smart phone to download the free app and use their Twitter account to sign into Periscope and hit broadcast.  

Join me every Monday at 12:00 pm est to discuss my pervious Sundays sermon on Periscope.  If you don’t have the Periscope app, you can download it here for free (there are versions for both iPhone and Android).

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