My Weight Loss Journey

I have realized alot of things the past year or so. One of the things I have realized is that I am addicted to food. Yes, that is hard to admit and to post on a blog, but it is true. The reason that I post this is that I feel I need to come to terms with it in order for me to move beyond this and to get healthy. As most of you might know I am in love with a company called Shaklee. We use their cleaning products because they work and they are all non-toxic and they are friendly for the environment. We take their vitamins and they help keep us healthy and we don’t have as many colds. We even (thanks to my parents) have an air purification system in our apartment. The kids had this cough for weeks and once we put that in their coughs went away, there is no more dust particles in the air and Logan’s Asthma is much better. However, the one thing that I have struggled with is Shaklee’s weight loss “system”. works for so many people including my family but I have not had long-term success. I have lost inches but because of this addiction I have not been able to maintain the success. But I have decided that I need to change and that I need to live a healthy life style. So I am back on it.

I started this morning with a shake and a banana. I had a power bar for a morning snack and now I am about to have a shake for lunch. One of the things that I need to do for myself is to have a weeks worth of a menu so I know what I am going to eat when. If I walk into the kitchen without a plan the next thing I know I am cooking up a storm and it is stuff that I should not be eating.

I will post the menu that I am eating under writings. I will also keep specific updates on this Shaklee blog. So bookmark this blog and keep track of how things are going.

I would love to get a weight loss group started. A support group committed to living healthy lives and getting fit together and supporting one another through the process. Let me know if you want to do that.

Well I am off to make another shake. I am glad that they taste good and they actually fill me up!
My Cinch Meal Plan

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