My Mac Story

Everyone has certain things that they love or enjoy. I am a Mac lover — I love the Mac Computers and I hope that one day I can incorporate many of the wonderful Apple products into my home. Here is why I love the Mac….

I remember as a kid having an Apple IIe computer. I was not real impressed at that time. The biggest reason is that I had a friend who had a 3D chess game that was animated and that was SO COOL!!!!! I must say I was jealous. But like most things I got over it……Eventually as I got older we got different computers in the house- we moved into the PC world. I think because they were convinent and they were cheaper.

I never had too many complaints about the PC – I hated (and still hate) the anti virus software that seems to cripple the computer most time. However, I like the convinence of getting a PC, I like the games and the price. With that I knew that every 3 or 4 years I would have to replace my computer.

When I went to work as a full time youth director in 2002, the church I worked at had all Mac. Again, I was not impressed with the Mac. At that point they were running OS9 — it was not hard to figure out but it was not something that I had been using for most of my life. I had to figure out what I was doing and it was not very much fun.

Plus, if I emailed myself something that I was working on at home then I could not read it from my desktop computer. The one thing that kept drawing me back to the Mac was the church musician. He was a Mac lover and he kept talking about how great they were – he said that OSX was so much better than the OS9 — but I had no idea what he was talking about.

Eventually we talked more and he was telling me about how easy it was to record music onto a Mac using a program called garageband. I was interested because I was looking for something to record my guitar on.

When I left for seminary in 2004 I knew I needed to upgrade my computer – and I knew that I wanted a laptop so I gave in and I got a Powerbook G4 from Apple.

I must say that I did fall in love with the Mac computer. Within hours I was recording songs- making DVD’s and surfing the web using the wireless network. That computer lasted me four years of seminary which included destruction from me and my son. I still would be using it if I did not accidently put dents in it the power source and actual keys ripped off by my son.

I am sad to say that currently we are Macless — my wife and I are using laptop PC’s and our son has a PC desktop in his room. This makes me sad but that’s the way of life right now. The bright side is that I did find a used iPhone for a GREAT price on Ebay. So it keeps me in the Mac world.

I am looking forward to getting a Mac Mini as our desktop computer and then getting a macbook as my all around computer. I can’t wait to get Apple TV to stream itunes movies and music right to our TV. I know that one day we will have techonology centered house powered by Mac. Perhaps I am dreaming but that would be just awesome.

Until then I can enjoy my iphone and enjoy videos like the ones below from the Simpsons.

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