New Orleans Day Two

Yesterday July 23rd was our second day at the National Youth Gathering.  It was another great day.  If you are following me on Twitter then you would of seen lots of pictures and updates.  But I will try and give you a recap here.  Before I go too much further I wanted to let you know that there is a live feed on the web for our gathering time every night.  Click here to access it

I got up early on Thursday to go to the adult meeting.  There were about 50 of us at the meeting and the leader said that this was his 25th adult leader orientation.  It gave us the overview of our time here, things to do and not to do and where to go if we needed help.  We then picked up our bags for the week which included a new Lutheran Bible – Jesus, Justice and Jazz style.  We also picked up our t-shirts for the service day.

After distribution of the materials we went to our learning time.  This was a section of the gathering where the kids had an opportunity to learn.  There were workshops, self guided centers, and integrators.  The workshops were great, the kids got alot out of them.  The learning centers were fun.   It was basically a self guided workshop that the kids could participate in, there was one called “Making space for strangers” that I heard alot about.  The Integrators were an opportunity to tie everything together.  I thought that was very helpful for the kids.  Overall it was a good time and some of the kids shared about their learning experiences at our evening devotional time.

After the learning center time we took a trolly to the French Quarter area for lunch and shopping.  We had a great lunch and spent the afternoon at the French Market.  It was great and everyone was able to pick something up to take home with them.

After that we walked 1.5 miles to the Superdome for the closing time. The closing time was great and I will share more details about the speakers in a later post.

After the Super dome closing time we went to the Hilton where about 5,000 kids were running around going to different activities, eating snacks, going to a dance and just hanging out.

We finished our night with a devotional time and had some pizza and went to bed.  It was a perfect end to a great day.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we head out to our service day.  There are lots of people doing service projects around here.   S0 many in fact we are a part of the largest convention in the city of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

The Associated Press is calling this youth gathering the “largest service ministry event ever attempted in three days”.  Now that is amazing.

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