New Orleans Day One

As I mentioned earlier I have had some Internet problems so I was not able to post a “wrap-up” after each day.  But I hope I have straighten that out so I am able to bring you up to date information about our trip.  I was going to post pictures in the blog posts (and I might add them in later) but the connection that I do have at the hotel is very spotty at best.

Day One

Things actually started out pretty well.  Everyone made it to the airport and we went through security with no hassle what-so-ever.  We were actually on the same flight with King of Kings Lutheran Church in Liverpool.  I did feel somewhat sorry for all of the “non youth gathering” people flying with us, but the kids did really well.

We flew from Syracuse to JFK and had a VERY short layover.  We joined up with even more Lutheran Churches at JFK and made it to New Orleans with no problems (thank you Jesus).

We got on buses and we were driven by our bus guide L. Jordan.  It was nice to get a local perspective on what we saw as we were driven into the city of New Orleans.

We did not have very much time to spare once we got to the hotel.  We rushed up to our rooms and then made the 1 mile walk to the Superdome.  We were late getting there but it was a good taste as to what we were to expect later on.  What we did see we really enjoyed.

For me it was amazing to see 36,000 youth and adults all there for the same reason.  It is crazy for me to imagine the service work that we are doing and the excitement that is in the air.  (more and more reflections as we go along)

After the events in the Superdome we walked back towards the hotel looking for something to eat.  There were 36,000 other people looking for the same thing.  We ended up at the Crazy Lobster for dinner.  They were planning on closing at 10:00 and we arrived close to that time.  However, about 150 others showed up so they stayed open to serve us food.  It seems like they were not expecting us but they did welcomed the business.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel exhausted, so we basically went to bed.

Day one was great!  I can see why groups do leave a day early – I did not like the rushing around but we made it with no troubles and that is the best thing that I could ask for.

Tomorrow I will write up day two (today) and share that with you!  Stay Tuned.

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