No love from AT&T

Waaay back in 2003 a little company called AT&T took a chance on me.  They gave me a cell phone plan.  It was not the greatest plan but it worked for us.  We stuck with them through thick and thin.  In February 2004 AT&T took bids to buy the company and  Cingular won.  That was okay…..I guess….It really did not affect us at all, we actually got roll over minuets.  We were happy with it.  In 2007 the name of the cell phone company went back to AT&T.  Lots of the “extras” that Cingular gave us stayed with AT&T.

You don’t know how excited I was when I heard that AT&T was the exclusive carrier of the iphone.  It took me about a year to be able to get the iphone. Actually it was not until after the 3G came out tha I was able to buy the first generation from an ebay sale.

That was fine.  I did not mind not having the 3G speed – and the GPS feature that the 3G had.  It was not until I started having problems with my iphone that I started getting frustrated with AT&T.  I brought my phone in to see if it could get fixed and I had no luck.  I decided to upgrade.  I heard that since I was an iphone user that I could upgrade with no problems.  Well that is true if you got your iphone BEFORE the 3G came out…..even though I have been a customer of AT&T for the last 5 years!!!!!

I can’t sync my iphone with my computer which is frustrating, be even more frustrating is reading this article from engadget:

“Been holding on to that now-antique EDGE device to keep from extending your contract with AT&T? Well, if you’ve been experiencing some sluggishness — and not just general EDGE sluggishness, mind you — you might have more to blame than just those recent outages. Open for Business reports that AT&T has been quietly lowering EDGE signal strength to give more 3G love to all you iPhone 3G and Bold users. To add to the shadiness of the situation, AT&T reps are all offering up the same solution — buy a 3G device. Unsurprisingly, AT&T’s Mark Siegel has denied Open for Business’s claims, and says that the mega-carrier is not requiring anyone to switch to a 3G phone. We’ll put on our Sherlock Holmes outfits and try to do some digging, but it’s not like we actually expect these guys to admit to a move that would definitely lead to a lot of backlash.”

Not only is my phone not working, and I can’t get a break on the new 3G phone (only because mine is not working) but now they are basically ignoring the Edge network to spend more time on the 3G network.  That is understandable to some degree because that is the future.   HOWEVER there are a number of us still using edge and we need reliable phone service as well!!!

News like this almost makes me want to ditch AT&T and try out the new Palm Pre

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