Nothing is Impossible with God

“Nothing is impossible with God.”  Have you heard that before?  Do you really believe it?  I have seen things, read about things and personally experienced things that have truly tell me that God is with me and that I can do anything with the help, love and grace of God.

We have see this the last several weeks in our readings.  From the ark that save Noah, his family and the animals, to the impossibility of Abraham and Sarah having a baby in their old age, to the Israelites escaping Egypt and God providing for them in their long journey – teaching them how to be a community.

I wonder what impossible thing you hear God whispering to you this Lent? 

What impossible work or mission have you felt called to take on, to be part of?

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Yet God needs our help, our hearts, our trust and obedience — the kind that Noah, Abraham, Moses gave.

Dare we believe the impossible is possible? Dare we stake our lives on it?

Nothing is impossible with God.

Because the impossible can happen. 

A man can survive a flood

A barren woman can became pregnant. 

A community can escape persecution and survive the desert.

God could enter human life through a child. And forgiveness, abundant and eternal life would also come into human life through this child. 

Who would have ever thought it possible that human nature, sinful as it is, could be changed so? But nothing is impossible with God. And therein lies our hope.

I don’t know what impossible thing you need to happen in your life, in your home, or for you, but I do know that nothing is impossible with God. Easter is coming and with it the impossible comes; death is defeated, no longer do we need to worry about our salvation.  This is a gift that comes to you and to me.  It comes to us even in our pain and brokenness, even facing the impossible.

That’s what we have seen right?  The impossible, with Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and now David.

A covenant was made between David and God.  God promises to make God known to the world through the David.  From David to Jesus.

Jesus, for us, is the true “house of God,” the place, the person in which we have come to know the presence, grace, and love of God.

God’s presence, God’s love the grace that we find is not found in a building.  God has not had a temple since the time in Egypt and the wilderness wanderings and did not feel the need for one now. God’s presence had moved with the people wherever they worshiped.

God cannot be confined to any one place or building. This attempt to put God in a box, was an attempt to try to limit what God can do, to try and control God.

God does not live in a house made with hands. God’s much too powerful to be confined to any one house or place. And that’s just the point — because God is unlimited, we need places like buildings of worship where God can be praised, where we are promised that God will meet us.

The real questions behind this text and in the readings today are “Where can we find God? Where’s God? Where does God choose to be made known?

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God could have stayed where we could not see God, instead God chooses to come to us as one of us.  A house is not good enough. God wants to know you and me – 

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That’s why we have Jesus, that’s why there was a child born in a stable, who grew up and told us God wanted to live in us, to be a part of our lives.

So we have made God a part of our lives.  We invited God to be with us in this space, in worship and we ask God to lead us and guide us in the way that we need to go.

But then what?  What happens when we leave here?  Do we take God with us or do we leave God in this building?

What began as a promise that David’s son Solomon would be blessed and build the temple turns into something different—the promise of an everlasting kingdom. Another Son of David would rule forever and build a lasting House. This is a reference to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. 

So we have the promise that God is with us and that Jesus Christ will rule in our churches, in our homes in our lives.

This is why we know that Nothing is impossible with God. 

We also have a God of promise, to always be with us to love us and Guide us and to help us create lives to support one another, to love one another and to spread the Good news of Gods unconditional love to the world.  Amen

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