Number 756

Sorry for all the sports talk for those of you who are not as interested in sports say vs. theology but it is one of my great interests. I think what is happening with Barry Bonds 756 homerun ball is kinda sad. Barry has not been convicted in the court or the senate or wherever it is right now….so why are we trying to tarnish his image? Has he admitted to using steroids? Have the Giants told him that he is no longer allowed to play? Pete Rose was convited of betting on baseball and he was kicked out forever!?!? But not Barry… I personally think he used? I am sure he did, but until he is convicted I don’t think that a piece of history (the ball) should be cast aside.

At the top thre is a banner to vote on what should happen with the homerun recording breaking ball. I personally think it should be in Cooperstown, but I guess when you spend shy of $800,000.00 for a ball you can do with what you want.

But my personal opinion is please don’t mess with history, don’t take your personal opinion about Barry Bonds and ruin something special. I think in a few years we may have a new homerun kind (A-Rod perhaps?) but for now charish this special event.

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2 thoughts on “Number 756

  1. So did the Shaklee Cinch not work out? I was looking through websites looking for reviews before I bought something expensive that wouldn’t work. And I happened upon your blog. Nice to find Christian blogs exist with wholesome info.

  2. The first time that I did the Cinch program it did not work for me. Looking back I can see that I was not doing it “right.” There are some things that I learned from the first time that I did it. First I learned that I am addicted to food. There was no one keeping track of what I was doing except for me and I would find myself “cheating” – I would have a candy bar here and I would skip a shake and have McDonalds instead. that would not work.
    I also learned that I need everything laid out. I am actually starting the program again (this week). I am going to be posting my measurements on my blog and I will have a pdf file of what I will be eating. I have everything laid out so it will be a no brainer for me.

    Cinch has worked for so many people including my parents my brother and sister-in-law, I believe my failure from before was on me and not the program. I have actually never met anyone who has not succeeded the program who “did it right”. does that make sense?

    I will be posting a blog about my cinch restart. So you can keep up with me. Maybe we can do it together.

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